Overloading sockets

The tragic death of Rebecca Finch following a fire in Warwick in February is being blamed on an overloaded socket outlet. Although I’m not privy to the investigation into the cause of the fire, it is worth penning a general article on how to avoid overloading electrical outlets, because something as mundane as using an electrical socket shouldn't be costing anybody their life.

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All about accreditation logos

The logos to look for and the ones to be wary of when hiring a domestic electrician...

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So long directional halogen lamps!

The death knell sounds next week for directional halogen lamps with an energy rating of class D or below, and good riddance to the damn things too!

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Stop your smoke alarm sounding when cooking

Having been called out to a couple of the houses on the new Field View development at the end of Golf Lane in Whitnash, I’ve noticed that the builders have installed ionisation instead of optical smoke alarms which may cause residents to experience false alarms when cooking. If you’re fed up of a side helping of ear-splitting bleeping with every meal, then here’s a quick fix…

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Megaman Modo LED lamp dimming

Have you invested in Megaman Modo GU10 dimmable LED lamps? Are you finding those dimmable lamps are... well.., just not dimming? Never fear, I have here a quick and curious fix. Just don’t ask me to explain how it works...

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