Are you a local plumber, builder, kitchen or bathroom fitter? Whether you're a flooring specialist, landscape gardener, handyman or any other kind of local trade operation, big or small, if you need an electrical installation to be repaired, installed, inspected, tested and/or certified* then I can offer trade rates with billing going either directly to your client or through you, whichever you prefer.

Whether electrical work is planned as part of the job, or if you just run into trouble while working on an existing installation, you can count on me to provide you with support when you need it.


bullet   Full service from design, procurement, installation, verification, inspection & testing
bullet   Priority service for partner firms
bullet   Full BS7671 certification*
bullet   Installation work covered by my 24 month guarantee
bullet   Notifiable domestic installations covered by NICEIC for six years
bullet   Flexibile billing either direct to the end client or to you**
bullet   Emergency call out service
bullet   Scheduling service to ensure your job is not held up
bullet   Part-P certification provision**
bullet   Free no-obligation quotations and like-for-like price matching
bullet   Available for everything from first-fix to final finishes
bullet   An ideal partner for self employed handyman/plumber etc.


If you already have a preferred partner for electrical work, challenge me to beat their quote, especially if they've put their prices up, aren't making your deadlines or aren't treating your customers as you'd prefer!

Below are listed some other local firms I link up with who hold a reputation that I can trust to recommend to my own customers. Click a graphic to go to their website (if they have one):














Please contact me today to discuss your requirements.

*Certification only applies to electrical installation work I have directly performed or overseen. I cannot certify the completed work of others where I have not been expressly involved from the planning stage.
**Billing will be to the person or organisation ordering the job unless it has been preagreed with any end client or other third party before work commences that it is to be deferred.