Quick, this dreadful competition closes on July 27th, so get your entry in to avoid disappointment! To avoid adding to any (already existing) disappointment, read more for the T’s and C’s please.

Sack of cack is perhaps a misnomer as there are some gems in here from the likes of Armeg and Ideal, and I don’t wish to offend such fine manufacturers of quality tools and consumables that I myself use. Nonetheless, the bloody video has been filmed now with Nick Bundy coming to visit, and we certainly don’t want him coming into our secret hole for a second time - once was quite enough. [Competition closed - click here for the winner!]

Rules and Regs…

To enter, you must reply on either YouTube or Odysee to the Sack of Cack Giveaway video, and on no other video or platform, with a five-digit figure of where you think the YouTube sub count is sitting. You may also add a reason why you think you’re so shit hot that you even deserve such an illustrious prize as the sack of cack in the unlikely event that a tie-breaker situation should arise.

I’m pretty sure there’s no way to view a hidden YT sub count, but if there is a tip, trick or hack that does achieve it, then that will be evident by a glut of very similar and accurate guesses. Well, I say ‘glut’; of the five entries this competition will attract, three might be the same and very accurate. Should such an event occur, the prize will be offered not to the parties with the correct numerical guess, but instead to whomever is arbitrarily deemed to have penned the best reason why they deserve to receive the sack of cack. Any tie-breaker decision is entirely my own, and I don't care if anyone doesn't agree.

There’s only one entry per account profile on both the YouTube and Odysee platforms. If multiple entries are listed from the same profile on either, only the most recent at the time of competition close will be accepted as valid. For a better chance of winning, and why wouldn't you want such, make an account on both YouTube and Odysee so you can submit two numbers.

The sack of cack is offered as seen; there’s no monetary equivalent and I don’t care if you’re disappointed, offended or pissed right off by its contents. Some tings may show signs of use, others are new. It's just... stuff I piled together. What more are you expecting asshole?! Oh, and also, it may not be presented in an actual sack. It's more likely to be a box of cack, but that didn't rhyme.

The competition is open worldwide; I’ll ship it almost anywhere by the lowest cost and least insured method. I reserve the right not to ship to ‘awkward locations’ like North Korea, Russia, Antarctica, Cornwall, etc. If it gets lost en-route, then that’s jolly unfortunate, but no equivalent will be posted or redeemed in cash value and I absolve myself of any responsibility once I’ve handed the bally lot over to a courier service and obtained a receipt to say it's been thrown onto the back of a rusty 2005 LDV Maxus driven by a Turkish bloke on a zero-hour contract.

Sites such as SocialBlade show where the sub count was when it was deactivated a year ago and that currently gives a figure of 25,300. I previously stated that subs had plateaued for some time and that today’s figure wasn’t far off from where I’d hidden it. It may be hundreds off or thousands out, but it’s not tens of thousands off at the time of writing. That’s the only clue I can give. Of course, there might be a sudden surge or a sudden exodus that dramatically alters the numbers over July, especially with Nick Bundy appearing on here to sour the screen experience... but I doubt it.

YT will force the sub count to be made public on 29th July, but they haven’t given a time zone. The actual number does fluctuate day on day and even throughout the day. The figure YT shows publicly is rounded off, but an absolute number is given in the Studio back-end. As soon as I’m aware that the rounded figure has been made public, I’ll go into the studio and record the absolute figure given at that moment. There may be a delay between YT switching on the number and my being made aware of it – it could happen in the middle of the night, while I’m working on a job or while I'm pissed out of my tree. There may be some minor fluctuation in that time which (unlikely though it may be) skews the winner from one person to another, but the true champion will ultimately be decided by what number is shown on screen at the point when I sober up, log in and check what responses have been received at that moment in time.

The winner will be required to provide via email a full name, postal address and a photograph of them grinning like a simpleton; the latter for possible release in a follow-up video, website article or other such publicity fluff where the result will be announced. If nonesuch are forthcoming within five calendar days, the sack of cack will be offered to the second-place entrant, and so on until the prize is claimed or until I run out of patience or people who are interested (whichever occurs first). If the winner is geographically close to us, we might deliver it in person and record the look of horror on video!

I’ve not offered a competition before and this is just for fun, so these terms may be tweaked on an ongoing basis to tighten up any loopholes where people may be cheating or not fully entering into the drunken spirit of the thing. I also reserve the right to end the competition without notice if it becomes something of an utter pain in the arse to administer.

Entries made via platforms other than YouTube and Odysee will not be counted. The three-figure sub count on Odysee is public, but it's only the five-figure YT number that this competition is open for.

Nobody, except for me, has access to the back-end Studio of this account, and even Nigel is wholly unaware of the current sub count. Should my account be hacked by persons desperate enough to want to get their hands on this gear, then the competition and the validity of this channel become void.

The bastards at YouTube have announced this change takes place on 29th July 2022, therefore this competition closes at 23:59 BST on 27th July 2022. Entries received after this time won’t be counted. This is because YT haven’t declared a time zone, and it’s unknown if territories that are ahead of the UK or US will have their servers switched over sooner, or if the count becomes public worldwide simultaneously.

The winner will be announced on this page and on certain socal media platforms on or after 29th July when YouTube make their change. In the unlikely event YT has a change of mind and decides to keep the count hidden or to postpone the change, then I’ll switch the buggering thing back on myself after the 29th so the competition can be closed and we can all put this nightmare behind us.

Good luck, and may the farce be with you!

The link for advert-free Odysee is here: https://odysee.com/@dseselectric:e/the-fantasmic-sack-of-cack-giveaway!:3?r=5hEaxAkTjkkVar5bQ2rkRE9NFBYnwnKL


Update, 28 July 2022: Entries closed yesterday at 23:59 BST. We're just waiting for YouTube to implement their update anytime now, then the winner will be announced!

Update, 30 July 2022: Winner winner, chicken dinner...

Despite YT threatening to pull the hidden count on July 29th, the date came and went without anything happening. The option to turn it on or off has disappeared from the Studio back end so, presumably, it'll appear publicly in the coming hours, albeit rounded off at "28.7k". As the T&C's said I would reveal the actual figure, here it is:


And here are the closest entries:

28498 Max Bayliss
28531 Ceris Moyle
28643 Hudnott Electric Ltd
28669 Thomas Smith (44 off)


28750 Andy Payne (37 off)
28761 David North
28786 Gary Broadbent
28796 Steve Healey

All of the above entries were via YouTube except Andy's which was on the Odysee platform.


Andy happens to be one of our regular shoutout's in videos, so it's rather fitting all this blaart should end up in his hands (and, subsequently, in a dark and damp corner of his garage.)

Outside of nonsense entries, there were a wide range of numbers, yet I was rather surprised so many guesses came in so close to the mark. Not that I was watching it closely, but I noticed at one early point that Hudnott Electric was just ten out from the figure that day, however the count grew just enough since then for it to nudge Andy's way. It's also ironic how close Gary Broadbent came to guessing the right number as this competition was all his idea!

Thanks to all who entered!