As 2022 comes to a sticky climax and pulls its pants up, I have something here that may be of interest to… someone... (somewhere). It’s a catalogue of the video content I’ve created which should help to give you aids. That’s… ah… search aids you understand..., as in you can now use your browser’s find function to locate any technical topic you might be looking for among the flotsam I’ve left swirling around in film form across the plastic polluted oceans of YouTube and LBRY over the past years.

There’s also some further information on most videos to explain how or why things were filmed which might be fun in a trivia kind of way. Or not. I mean, it’s not like it’ll ever come up in anything important like a pub quiz. Nonetheless, if you’ve ever wondered why the McHat is worn, how many ‘assets’ it took to make a video, what was delisted forever and why those pricks at YouTube decided to demonetise something *again*, then the answers are here. Possibly.

To access this wonderous site o' nonsense, simply punch this link with your mouse/finger/stylus or other (hopefully non-perverse) human hyperlink selector of choice.

The page is called OnlyFans because it’s likely only me and Richard Arblaster will ever click on the bloody thing, which is a shame considering the amount of work that went into listing all those friggin’ videos. Who knew I'd been so active over recent years? Not me, that's for sure. In fact, it came as quite the surprise that there is so much free electrical content presented here when I went back through it, as most of it is lost in the fog of a hangover, as indeed the typing of this will be when I awake tomorrow, swallow the Anadin Extra, and try to remember just what the hell I was bashing my keyboard over right now on this Christmas Eve.

Anyhow, presuming tomorrow's festive future funk finally clears, I intend to keep the linked page bang-up to date. So up to date in fact, that new videos will preview here before they go public. Those who like to get in early on the comments can potentially do so if they bother to check in every now and again. Videos in active edit will also appear here to give a heads-up on what’s in the works and when it’ll probably poo out of PowerDirector.

Look, I know it's a shit present, but I've only got my wife of nearly 24 years a cactus which, incidentally, was incredibly painful to wrap, so I can't be seen to give you lot anything swishier.

Merry Christmas.