At the end of 2022, Hager introduced a new Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD) with an upgradable firmware feature. This is something of a first in 'smart' consumer unit components and raises several issues for electrical installers. Rather ridiculously, it forces me to lay out specific terms to protect myself and my business against a product Hager figure is doing me a favour. If you don’t like my terms... don’t put me on a job with Hager's horrible hardware.

David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. (we, us, our)
Hager ARR/ARM/ARL AFDD models (device)
Site Duty Holder (homeowner, landlord, customer, facilities manager, client, person appointing the work)

General statement:

David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. explicitly advises against the installation and employment of the Hager “ARR/ARM/ARL” models of arc fault detection device in client electrical installations. In our opinion, the operational efficacy, longevity and manufacturer support may not meet the expectations of installers or end users.


Where the ARR/ARM/ARL AFDD is to be installed expressly at the request of a customer, despite advice or objections, or where it has been previously installed at a site at which we are now appointed to undertake electrical alterations, maintenance and support, the following terms will automatically apply.

Where the device has been supplied by David Savery Electrical Services Ltd.:

The site duty holder accepts the supply/installation of these devices is against our advice.
At the time of installation, the device will be supplied with the latest firmware revision preinstalled.
The device will be supplied with a standard manufacturer warranty only; the usual 24-month no-quibble on-site guarantee detailed on the website and supplied on all other hardware will not apply.

In all instances where the device is installed:

Site visits to install updates are chargeable and are not covered by any warranty or support arrangement with David Savery Electrical Services Ltd.
No firmware update will be attempted, even where circuits protected by the device are being modified by us, or parties representing us, without the express permission, written or verbal, of the duty holder.

The duty holder accepts all liability for the update process including any costs incurred should the process require additional effort including, but not limited to:

  • The removal of the device for an update to be applied in instances where a satisfactory data signal cannot be obtained in-situ for the Hager ProTools app to perform the update function.
  • The update process failing in such a way as to permanently render functions of the device inoperative requiring replacement hardware be sourced (known informally as 'bricking').
  • Post update operation being in any way different to how the device had previously operated.
  • Downtime of final circuits and any knock-on effects as a consequence of any aspect of the update process.

Monitoring for firmware updates, informing clients of available updates, and arranging for updates to be installed are not services that will be provided by David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. It is the responsibility of the duty holder to either ensure their devices are periodically checked and kept up to date using Hager’s ProTools app, or to call us in periodically at the usual chargeable rate to undertake any monitoring and updating housekeeping that may be required, subject to these terms.

Where trip events occur and the cause cannot be traced and/or is suspected to be erroneous, Hager may request the installation of temporary monitoring hardware. The installation, configuration, and removal of such hardware along with any time required to process captured data will be chargeable. The safety and security of any third-party hardware left on site is the responsibility of the duty holder and charges for loss or damage may be levied by David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. or by Hager. The ability or willingness of Hager to supply a correction, fix, workaround, or any advice in a timely manner is outside of the control of David Savery Electrical Services Ltd., and no guarantee is provided by Hager of any resolution at all.

Where a product relies on an app, server, updates or any kind of service supplied by a manufacturer, supplier or other such third-party, David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. makes no guarantee for the ongoing longevity or availability of such. Any manufacturer or supplier may choose to pull support for their products at any time, for any reason, and without any notice.

The prior terms apply to the Hager ARR/ARM/ARL models of AFDD and any subsequent model ranges from Hager or other manufacturers whose devices have upgradable firmware. These terms do not apply to non-upgradable Arc Fault Detection Devices from any other manufacturer or to Hager’s “ARC” model of AFDD.

The following applies to all AFDD products regardless of make or model:

Inspection and testing will be performed before any AFDD is installed with the installation only proceeding where the testing indicates sound wiring.

Should trip events be experienced where AFDDs have been installed, whether those events are perceived as being valid or erroneous, they will be investigated at the usual chargeable rates as listed on the website. Fault finding later issues on wiring previously tested as good is not covered under any warranty.

Where a manufacturer issues a product recall, costs associated with that recall may be chargeable to the client in whole or in part regardless of any warranty status.

These terms are subject to change at any time and without notice.

Published: 30/01/24
Last revision: 11/03/24



More on this subject can be found in the video above, although be warned it contains my signature foul language and unsavoury tomfoolery. At this point, I have more AFDD content online than anyone else in the world, so I like to think I'm not wholly ignorant of what I'm wibbling on about when it comes to broadcasting what I don't like about Hager's wares.