I've built up a considerable catalogue of technical content both on this website and on my video channels since 2012. Whereas others may cover either site work or regulatory requirements or electrical theory or tool review, I have content that spans all four of those areas, at least for the UK domestic electrical environment. Here then is a page dedicated to the history of video production on the DSES channel for the (two or-so) people out there interested in finding out more. It's presented in reverse order of publication with links to YouTube and Odysee (adverts are on the former only, however content on the latter takes some time to appear following publication on the 'Tube). Use a browser search if you're looking for particular information in any given presentation (e.g., "maximum demand").

When viewing content, be mindful of the upload date as regulatory requirements, new products and equipment firmware updates may since have moved the goalposts to what's being said. I always advise you read the video descriptions as they contain additional information, errata and answers to commonly asked questions. Similarly, look for pinned comments as they too tend to address points of interest.

Any video titles shown in brackets are drafts and may change. This page may also hint at, or even provide early access to, upcoming videos before they are released to the great unwashed.

Asset counts, where mentioned, refer to the number of unique supporting files that made up the video such as slides, photographs, scripting, animations and such. This does not include common files (shared sound effects, end cards, watermarks etc.), nor does it include video capture or raw video footage. An off-the-cuff video may only have one or two assets - a thumbnail graphic and/or prepared description perhaps, while a technical explanation may involve many slides, screenshots, images, datasheets and more.

Videos that have been demonetised don't necessarily earn nothing. Instead, YT limits their reach and audience while sometimes falling back to low quality advertisers peddling rubbish miracle solutions with an obvious text-to-speech voiceover. Any video walloped with the YT advertising ban-hammer is therefore likely to take a long time to even cover its production costs. An example is My Rambling View on Amendment 2 which has one of the highest asset counts at 254 files and took several days to staple together, yet reaped less than £45 in revenue between April 2022 when published, to Christmas the same year.

Upload and publish dates may differ. Videos are uploaded to YT after rendering and may sit as Unlisted for some time before the Publish button is clicked, LBRY then comes along and sucks off YouTube to get the good stuff copied across to their network where it can be viewed on Odysee.

Although I never bleat on in any video about subscribing, those who do are in a better position to catch new content quickly.

The most common critisism I get isn't the bad language, rather the infrequency of uploaded content. Sadly, this field just isn't diverse enough to throw out videos that are both regular and interesting. Although I record a lot that goes nowhere, it'll only end up here if I find it personally monobrow-raising enough to justify the time and expense of sticking it together in a cohesive form. Some videos will be of interest to just a few, but if I want to do it, I'll do it. Others may have mass appeal, but if it doesn't float my personal boat then I'm not going to bother. Some, as you may see below, get recorded but not released for over a year or more. Budding 'Tubers may not appreciate that it takes a lot of time to put this stuff together - and we have an honest-to-goodness day job to do, so most of it happens during my spare time.

Videos in edit may show their current status which breaks down as follows:

First pass: Assembly and ordering of the raw files. This stage confirms the content was captured, is cohesive and may show something of interest.
Second pass: Roughly edited for pacing and timing. Repeat, unnecessary, confusing, inaccurate, ambiguous and unhelpful content is excised.
Third pass: Finely edited to improve on the above with further pacing improvements alongside small changes such as removal of stutters and coughs.
Fourth pass: Further refinement to include overlays, text, voiceovers, visual aids, sound effects and other extras.
Final: Last minute tweaking & branding before export and upload.

An external review may also be applied in rare circumstances allowing certain invited third-parties to sanity check the content. This is usually when the topic is a little out of my depth, when I'm unfamiliar with equipment and require the manufacturer or supplier to look it over to ensure I'm using it correctly, or where a guest has been involved on camera and I want to check they're happy with their portrayal.

Cavity search with Linda (and specialist German equipment)    
LindasLair   https://youtu.be/Wab9IYuyBX8
Published:   23/06/24
Runtime:   37:18
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Cable tracing, Wohler borescope, Radio teleswitches, Legacy singles wiring
Fun facts:   Lurking in Linda's lair is a load of wiring hanging out of walls and ceilings. Some is original to the late 60's build and some was altered c1984. We attempt to trace what's where, what's needed and what we can get shot of. Linda managed to blag a borescope out of Wohler on loan, and also shown is a CA 6117 MFT you'll no doubt see more of in the future as Chauvin have asked me to get my noggin around it to front some instructional videos for their YT channel. Coffee shout outs were filmed at a drunken party at the Manor House and seemed like a good idea at the time...


Bespoke shelf lighting with (backed-up) Linda    
Backeduplinda   https://youtu.be/VvEYp0slJpw

Published:   15/06/24
Runtime:   38:43
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Custom sized LED strip, Friggin' Fridays
Fun facts:   Another jobette at the Manor House sees me and Linda installing some custom cut LED strip into a bespoke shelving arrangement. Coffee shouts were impromptu and filmed in the beer garden of The Bowling Green pub in New Street, Leamington - a haunt Linda and I like to use on a sunny Friday evening while we await her train.


AFDD: EMI Nuisance trip nightmare?    
Julian   https://youtu.be/VlChmFysT14

Published:   08/06/24
Runtime:   37:23
Category:   Savery's Source
Technical content:   AFDD electromagnetic interference, Radio noise, Inrush current
Fun facts:   A couple of videos back we all saw my array of AFDDs doing what they were supposed to with varying degress of success across brands. Curiously however, it all goes a bit batshit when the >1kW loads are reduced to just tens of Watts of reactive power. Julian Grant from Chauvin Arnoux joins me in the cave with his oscilloscope as we demonstrate the phenomenon and try to figure out what it's all about!


The Manor House Refurbishment... 7    

Published:   19/05/24
Runtime:   01:31:37
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Kinetic switching, First and second fix
Fun facts:   Filmed Jan-Sep 2023 with an add on to end it in May '24, this video documents the kitchen rebuild at the Manor House and is the last in a series we started in 2019. It's also the last video filmed with Nige on the tools. Demonetised by YouTube and, for some reason, blocked in Russia because of the montage music used at the end! Over 2.5 hours of raw footage has been taking up hard drive space waiting to be edited, so last weekend I finally got around to getting on with it. This is another feature length jobby and might have been longer had the audio not been spoiled by my stupid Insta360 camera *again*. The foam brick Nige lobs at my head, as seen in the TripTrap video, makes an appearance here as that gag was originally planned for this presentation. Sadly, the camera angle and audio were no good despite my credible acting, so it got relegated to the musical montage section. On the day, we assumed Hilary and Pete the builder would be horrified and would think Nige had just comitted murder, but Hilary just laughed and Pete sat there muching on his bap. Wankers. Hilary did say I do a good pratfall however, so there's something I can stick on my CV.


 AFDD: Rig MKIII with an all-star line up    

Published:   04/05/24
Runtime:   01:23:18
Category:   Savery's Source
Technical content:   Arc Fault Detection Devices
Fun facts:   One of those 'good ideas' that proved a horrendous time sink to put together with hours lost to getting the equipmnent working as desired and chasing miserable marketing departments to try and secure samples. A lot of time and money went into it and, of course, it was demonetised by YouTube. Having already fallen out with Hager, I don't suppose I'll be friends with the likes of Europa, Axiom, Scolmore and a couple of others. Getting the Hager and Chint to trip on camera was tricky and those sequences were originally filmed at the end after unsuccessful attempts shown at the beginning, but to keep each brand compartmentalised and the flow better I chopped and changed things around. I also came down with COVID while making this one meaning it's all been a thoroughly miserable experience.


 Linda, Danny and a drunk ol' fanny change a CU    

Published:   14/04/24
Runtime:   30:00
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Cowboy workmanship, legacy equipment, wooden backboxes, Lewden CU
Fun facts:   Arguably something of a fluff piece as it doesn’t discuss anything too technical, this was an opportunity for me to try Nick Bundy’s old Sony ZV1 camera out on site with its new battery, memory card and grip handle. The end result shows some further practice is needed to gain better familiarity with the thing. The coffee shout was recorded in front of the Luís I Bridge in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal while I was out there for a few days.


 The untimely and underserved demise of SBS    

Published:   11/03/24
Runtime:   19:48
Category:   Savery's Source
Technical content:   Protective device obselecance and longevity
Fun facts:   This video talking of the demise of SBS consumer units has a furry co-presenter for the first half (no, not Nigel) and the eagle-eyed might spot the Knob Shine mug back on display. That was won by Andy Payne back in August '22 as part of our Sack of Cack competition, ironically announced in the "FFS, Another Board Change Video" where an SBS consumer unit was installed. Andy sent the mug to Nick Bundy where it kicked around in his unit before he passed it back to me while re-equipping me with power tools following my van break-in last month. Quickly scripted Saturday afternoon and filmed on Sunday, it was supposed to be out by Sunday evening but ended up delayed by 24 hours.


Stalking the floor at Elex '24 [London]

Published:   03/03/24
Runtime:   48:42
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Trade show
Fun facts:   My resident thumbnail artist wasn't available, so I ran a photo of me and Linda through AI several times. Mostly it did stupid things like stick a beard on Linda or make her look 12 and me look 70! In the end, this was the best of a bad bunch even though it looks nothing like the haggard drunkards we really are. Demonetised because of the music - no surprises there - and by the end of day two the audio had become a booming noise for reasons I don't know. No coffee shouts as there's no technical content, just a couple of old booze-bags trailing around Ally Pally and getting pounced on by sales peeps. I tried to have a chat with Hager on day one but they didn't want to know. In fact, it doesn't come out on camera, but the technical guy standing next to me came over as pretty surly. I can't imagine why.


Steak bake stop off = van tools knock-off!

Published:   23/02/24
Runtime:   10:39
Category:   Running the business
Technical content:   Tool theft
Fun facts:   After attending a quick job in Coventry, I stopped off at Cannon Park Shopping Centre for a Greggs only to find upon returning to my van that miscreants had been in there helping themselves to all my Makita gear and to my DeWalt toolcase that contained my hand tools, laser, Klein clamp meter, Hioki tester and Bosch drill/driver. Needless to say, Security didn't want to know and nor did the filth who didn't even ask for the serial numbers of my purloined power tools.


Upper class insaulation resistance fault-finding

Published:   17/02/24
Runtime:   1:03:00
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Insulation resistance fault tracing, Easycert, BS546 lighting sockets, Hioki tester
Fun facts:   I asked my thumbnail artist for a picture of me in a top McHat, but I have no idea why she made me look like I'd been dead for a fortnight. I was down with manflu when this was released, so after uploading it on the Saturday morning I went back to bed for the rest of the weekend. Linda joins me for the coffee shouts at the Hungry Horse pub.


Uncle David's Agony Column #1: Electricity and Andy's swimming pool

Published:   11/02/24
Runtime:   06:08
Category:   Shit Chat!
Technical content:   Sockets near swimming pools
Fun facts:   Andy emailed me on Thursday morning about the cleaner at his swimming pool and I replied later that afternoon while downing three Carlsberg's at the Hungry Horse with Linda. My emailed reply formed the kernel for the script and, as I staggered home intent on putting away six more Carlsbergs, I figured this would be a good way to answer technical questions in a short format. The script was fully fleshed out that same evening and all the artwork prep started Friday night rolling through Saturday and into Sunday. Despite being only six-ish minutes long, the asset count came in at 114 files which is a lot of supporting content! As the script involved no ad-libbing, I was able to upload it as the caption file which is the first time I've done that (any previous videos use YouTube's auto captioning which isn't always word perfect). The artwork is all AI because there's no way my resident artist would have knocked out what I needed in less than a month! That's not to say she's out of a job; using AI tools such as DALL-E and Fotor proved to be very time consuming and expensive. Most images had issues and all needed tweaking one way or another. Still, I'm pleased with the outcome and I like the fast-paced format. The 'Swimming Poo' photo was taken in June '23 outside Southam's leisure centre. We actually pulled up, piled out and said cheese just because it's not a sign you see every day. Sadly, as of February 2024, said sign has been removed. The lad in the photo is Tom who was on work experience and who has since started an electrical apprenticeship with a larger local outfit.


AFDD Proteus party wi' Nick Bundy (& others)

Published:   06/02/24
Runtime:   05:21
Category:   Shit Chat!
Technical content:   Proteus AFDD
Fun facts:   Mark Allison and Dan Bryant visited me, the former armed with a Proteus AFDD for us to play with. Quickly knocked out shortly after filming with the ending not really lending itself to the usual coffee shout-out sequence (stay tuned for a surprise after the end card if you can stand the music). That music got the thing demonetised of course. No matter, little effort was expended in its making. Dan's appearance is brief because he'd been working with me that day and wanted to hang back to say hello to Mark, but he was getting an earful from his missus about getting home for dinner, so was quickly dismissed off camera and never reappeared!


AFDD: Hager vs. Hager

Published:   03/02/24
Runtime:   1:03:01
Category:   Savery's Source
Technical content:   AFDDs (Hager old vs. Hager new), Terms and Conditions, Awards
Fun facts:   I've been under some pressure to issue an update on the whole Hager thang since my Hatchet Job and Duff Device videos from the end of last year, so it's good to finally plop this one out and flush it around the U-bend. It's been hard work more than a labour of love, and I intended to get it out a month after the Hatchet Job release rather than three friggin' months later. Still, the longer I took, the more rope Hager had to hang themselves with, and with each passing week yielding no feedback, change or explanation from them as to why I couldn't get their wares to work... well, it made them look worse than me.


Funkin' upcycling industrial lighting

Published:   24/01/24
Runtime:   27:51
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Lighting upcycling
Fun facts:   Following on from the last video where we took down a high-bay SON fitting from Chauvin's warehouse, I spent a few hours of my sober November converting it into something more funky that even the wife didn't mind sitting next to an umbrella tree in a corner of our living room. Hastily editied together with a coffee segment from my super new editing suite built over December in the corner of the cave where Nigel and I used to record our 'virtual studio' shouts.


It's my way on the high-bay

Published:   20/01/24
Runtime:   33:19
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   High-bay lighting
Fun facts:   Filmed 22/11/23 at the Chauvin Arnoux warehouse in Dewsbury like 'Fluorescent to LED Upgrade Shenanigans' published back in September. Features Kevin, Linda and an Ovia Inceptor I managed to skank two years earlier. The old high-bay discharge light we take down in this video was upcycled and will appear in the next effort. I was going to delve into greater detail on the subject of dimming at the end of this one as 1-10V dimming was mentioned in the video, but that's a rabbit hole in its own right and I was 1500 words into scripting before I realised it really deserves a presentation all of its own rather than being tacked onto the ass end of this nonsense. Linda and I present the coffee shouts, badly, from the good ol' Hungry Horse.


Working around a fault unfound

Published:   06/01/24
Runtime:   18:03
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Faultfinding, PVC conduit work
Fun facts:   I was feeling rather poorly when this was filmed which resulted in some silly errors and the job taking twice as long as expected. Near the end, I felt well enough to dive into a kebab and chips, but once I had hold of one, things quickly went south and I ended up going back home to bed feeling worse than ever! Filmed on my mobile phone as I hadn't gone out expecting to record the job, the sound is awful in places as ever. Also, if the wife ever sees this one, I'm a dead man. This is video #200 in this listing, so that's a milestone! The 'fail music' is a Daughter #1 composition and has been used a couple of times before, originally in the 'Someone Signed This Off' short. Later demonetised by YouTube presumably because of *that* coffee segment...


Phat cash for my scrap stash

Published:   01/01/24
Runtime:   17:50
Category:   Running the business
Technical content:   Scrap material recycling; Greencable kerbside collection
Fun facts:   Having sat on an increasing pile of scrap cable, I finally called in the good folks at Greencable to make it go away in exchange for a fistful of cash. I originally approached Greencable in the summer of 2022 about vlogging their service as I thought it was a jolly good idea; they had only just got going and were reluctant to dive in however. A year later and they were up for it, but it wasn't until December that I got organised. Yet another video ruined by audio woes - the main problem being my crappy camera doesn't really report on the levels so it's all guesswork until the edit. The first video of 2024 and I thought it would be a quckie to knock out, but crikey, writing and placing subtitles is very tedious and time consuming!



Getting the right sports hall light

Published:   28/12/23
Runtime:   1:04:48
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Fluorescent to LED conversion, Energy logging, Lux meter, Failed fluorescent efficiency
Fun facts:   John Bagley and I grab a Skyjack and swap out 45 fluorescents in a sports hall. This contains a musical number in a 1920's style for no good reason at all. Filmed 27/28 September, but the busy run up to Christmas meant it didn't get edited until the Boxing Day hangover had dissipated enough. Originally titled "You, John and I, eight metres high" but then I figured it tells you nothing of the content so people might not click on it! Edited on PowerDirector which seems to have had some of the stupidity recently introduced revoked following a tidal wave of complaints from oiks of my ilk. The coffee shouts were from a new corner of the Twat Cave recently revamped with some backlit display shelving showcasing some of my wonderful doowhickers.


Upcycle icicle light

Published:   14/12/23
Runtime:   01:34
Category:   Long n' shorts
Technical content:   Jus' good honest tomfoolery
Fun facts:   This video was created using Davinci Resolve; perhaps the first of many seeing as Cyberlink have absolutely bollocksed my preferred PowerDirector platform with updates that have rendered it about as useful to the likes of you and me as a poohole on a constipated octopus. This vid was originally intended as a short, however I filmed it in the wrong aspect ratio and the edit was 28 seconds too long. But bollocks to YouTube; I wasn't going to cut out the cat at the end just to tick their ruddy box! Harumph! There are no coffee shouts as it's just a quick bit o' fun. Filmed using Nick Bundy's Sony ZV-1 camera that I have on loan to try out. Nice toy, but a shame the battery is knackered! The music was by daughter #1 who can be seen in the background in one part of the video - it's called 'The Sock [MashUp]' this being a remix of another ditty where she and her mate Maddie sang about who had the best socks. The yoof of today... honestly, I despair; I really do.


FFS, *AGAIN* with the SELV spike lighting!

Published:   12/11/23
Runtime:   30:52
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Garden lighting, SELV, timer & dusk sensor control
Fun facts:   A quick vid thrown together showing stuff that's... uh... been shown before. But hey, it's an honest accounting of some on-site electrical work instead of a prolonged moan about AFDDs. Unfortunately, the presentation, subject and sound quality are all dull, but there were viewers who were getting tired of me talking about electrical theory and product bashing Hager, so here’s some honest to goodness site work for ya! The coffee shouts use a new presentation which I may retain for the future… or not… but the change in format was largely down to zooming in so harshly on myself in order to keep the scaffold platform that was behind me out of shot. Why? Well, because the wife was standing atop dutifully dolloping spoonfuls of crème fraiche onto me like bird shit. As gags go, it’s perhaps pretty weak, but the joke’s on her because she does all the laundry! Heh heh!


Hager Hatchet Job

Published:   23/10/23
Runtime:   1:08:19
Category:   Savery's Source
Technical content:   AFDDs, (Hager and Verso brands), Hager firmware updating
Fun facts:   Yet another foray into the murky corner of AFDDs sees some answers to key questions raised in the previous videos. Is my Hager model faulty? No, it seems not. Does a Verso model work as intended? Yes, it seems so. Originally titled “Verso versus Hager”, this was supposed to be a quickie after Libby at Azzuri Electrical sent me two other Hager models to pit against a Verso example that had also been sent my way, however the more I dug into Hager’s marketing, the more it drove me to drink! This one’s been quite a labour to put together with an asset count of 102 files and a script that had to be cut down as the runtime was already exceeding an hour, so there’s more waffle I could have uttered! A corrupt screen capture among the source files delayed release by 24 hours as it kept popping out of the toaster with two minutes curiously AWOL from the runtime. Dropped into the Savery’s Source category as the prior two AFDD vids formed my reviews on the thing and this one is more about Hager’s marketing monkeyshines. Linda joins me in the Twat Cave, although she got shy with the camera rolling! A change to the coffee announcement card sees it now have a musical accompaniment lifted from the title card of the 1950's "Alfred Hitchcock Presents" programme.


Published:   N/A
Runtime:   N/A
Category:   Savery's Source (intended)
Technical content:   #Safe4September
Fun facts:   This animated video was written in a certain style as part of the #Safe4September campaign highlighting safe isolation to the new college student intake. Although scripting and artwork were produced, it failed to meet the deadline. While I did consider releasing it in October, in the end I pulled the plug. Maybe I'll revisit the idea again sometime.


Fusebox arc fault face-off

Published:   02/10/23
Runtime:   43:33
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   AFDD operation (Fusebox brand)
Fun facts:   Oo-er, that last vid was something of a can of worms! Unfortunately, everyone's going around saying that I proclaimed Hager's AFDD to be faulty or unfit-for-purpose which, I didn't and, I'm sure, it isn't! Nonetheless, all sorts of questions cropped up, and seeing as Andrew Brown sent me a Fusebox model, a follow-up was unavoidable. I was desperately trying to get this finished for 1st October, but in the end I ran out of time and it pooped out a day later.


Hager's Arc Fault Dud Device?

Published:   25/09/23
Runtime:   41:05
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   AFDD operation (Hager and Siemens brands)
Fun facts:   Linda and I left Hager's Elex stand less than impressed with their AFDD offerings in the prior video, so I put my meagre money where my fat mouth is and bought a Hager AFDD to put through its paces. Sadly, the fucking thing failed to detect any kind of arc I sent its way which was disappointing. Nonetheless, I like this kind of video as it's a quick and technical presentation made on-the-fly. This Hager dingus was delivered Friday afternoon and the whole shebang was in render by late Sunday evening. A veritable breath of fresh air compared to some videos that get stuck in scripting for months on end. I don't think Hager will like the final director's cut, but if you're gonna bullshit a bullshitter at a trade show, then you'll get what you get.


Linda and me at Elex '23

Published:   17/09/23
Runtime:   36:04
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Trade show
Fun facts:   I attend Elex '23 at Coventry on the 14th and 15th of September along with Linda and we bumped into a few people of interest. There were some bods I could have given a harder time to - I was especially tempted to vent my fury at the LEDVANCE stand following other vids published this year, but it wouldn't be fair to make any sales bod look like an asshole. In the end, the poor bugger from Hager got the shortest straw as he proudly showed off his AFDD that I thought was a load of pony. No coffee shouts as it's not a technical video. Ad revenue on this is outside of my control as whoever owns the rights to Pump Up The Volume by M.A.A.R.S walloped it immediately on publication.


Fluorescent to LED upgrade shenanigans

Published:   10/09/23
Runtime:   38:34
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Fluorescent batten to LED batten conversion, Energy logging, LUX meter use, Capacitor degredation
Fun facts:   Yet another video ruined by my crappy camera's audio interface leaves this one sounding like we're underwater half the time. Originally a longer watch with more technical content, I've had to cut a lot out because it simply wasn't legible to listen to! Anyway, Kevin at Chauvin Arnoux asked me to undertake a fluorescent to LED upgrade in their Dewsbury warehouse. A little off my patch as it's two hours "oop t' north", but a straighforward and satisfying job to get done. Linda was supposed to also be in on this one but had to cry off as sick which is a shame as she's a bundle of chaos. I'm afraid it all makes for a rather unsatisfying video which it really shouldn't have been. The coffee shouts were delivered by a cat.


Vlogging energy logging with the PEL51

Published:   03/09/23
Runtime:   54:45
Category:   Savery's Source
Technical content:   True, reactive and apparent power, Impedance, Resistance, Reactance, Energy logging/monitoring, fluorescent light operation, PEL51 energy logger, Capacitor degredation
Fun facts:   Like the Angry Karen and Test Rig videos earlier in the year, this is yet another presentation stuck in development hell for quite some weeks, mainly because of my unfamiliarity with what the PEL51 instrument can show, how to interpret the data and the stack of supporting assets needed for this video (200 – count ‘em!!). My thanks go to reviewers Kevin Smith, Julian Grant, Linda Meth and Jamie Fisher who sanity checked the first and second drafts for any brain-farts before this final edit was released into the wild. Their feedback was generally down to errors in phrasing & terminology or comments on pacing which saw the runtime reduced after some irrelevancy was excised from the final edit. I don’t normally ask others to check over my ramblings, but this one was out of my comfort zone and I didn’t want to release anything error prone. That’s not to say it isn’t, just that *they* can now be conveniently blamed for any cock-ups that have crept in! While not the first coffee shout without Nige, it was the first recorded after his departure, the graphical element created using BeamNG Drive after I spent a couple of hours making an approximated custom skin of my van. The things one can achieve when one steers clear of the booze for an evening! Sure, you can have a copy of it, seeing as you asked so nicely. Pop yourself off to this page pal.


All good things... part 1

Published:   24/08/23
Runtime:   17:41
Category:   SH!T CHAT
Technical content:   Announcement
Fun facts:   It’s one down, one to go as Nige throws in his (sanitary) towel and buggers off to change light bulbs for lazy lefties on a university campus. Here, in his final SH!T CHAT, he bows out and says his bye-bye’s. What does that mean for this channel? Ironically, it may result in more videos appearing seeing as not having to carry his ass means I can perhaps take more time out of my week to point a camera at things, and, let’s face it, when it comes to the WHAM! factor, I’m the George Michael to his Andrew Ridgeley... or something. Use of the montage music resulted in a copyright wallop and demonetisation, but I knew that would happen which is why I went for the edgy opening about a hopeless hand-job!


Lousy LED lighting

Published:   16/07/23
Runtime:   50:03
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   LED lighting, fluorescent batten LED conversion, Disassembly and repurposing of a failed batten, LED lighting longevity and planned obsolescence
Fun facts:   Hot on the heels of the previous Short, and on the same day as an Electrician's Podcast on the subject of premature product failure, we look at a duff LED batten and find something much better to swap it out with. VirtuaNige puts in a second apperance for the coffee shouts as I still have a paid subscription to the D-ID service until the end of July! Sadly, the on-site audio is borked because this was filmed after our Karen video and before CEF Live which is where I realised the microphone adaptor had been damaged by her colossal knockers.


Another stupid failed PoS LED floodlight

Published:   14/07/23
Runtime:   00:55
Category:   Shorts / Long n' shorts
Technical content:   LED floodlight longevity
Fun facts:   Filmed back in March but uploaded as a short in July ahead of the next video which expands on the topic of LED lighting failures. This third short documents our reaction to our third failed LEDVANCE floodlight of 2023, and this one died just a year plus one week after we bolted it to the friggin' wall putting it just outside of the twelve-month manufacturer warranty. This short uses an updated endcard to show the new Threads platform.


Top toiletry tip!

Published:   11/07/23
Runtime:   00:30
Category:   Shorts / Long n' shorts
Technical content:   Schoolboy error
Fun facts:   You'd think that by now Nige would know to always shut a loo lid and plug a plughole when working against gravity on bathroom lighting, but no, it seems not. To be fair, in my green days I once dropped a GU10 halogen from a bathroom fitting and had to fish out the glass pieces one by one, so we've all done it I'm sure. The funny thing here was that we had rubber gloves available on the van and he himself had curled a shit around that very u-bend not fifteen minutes earlier, but Nige is no stranger to scat play and wasted no time in plunging in up to his elbows. Missing an endcard and logo because it was uploaded directly from my mobile phone on the day.


The trip trap that trips up testers


Published:   28/06/23
Runtime:   28:08
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Fault-finding, RCBO pods, Socket testers, N-PE reversal
Fun facts:   Nigel ballses up an inspect n’ test job by missing a socket outlet with a fault and, as usual, I’m the one getting my after-work hand-shandy curtailed by an irate client demanding to know why they can’t toast their Pop Tarts and why I sound so out-of-breath over the telephone! We did film this fault-finding job out on site, but what we captured wasn’t too coherent, so I decided to recreate it in the Twat Cave complete with visual aids for further explanation. The coffee shouts were originally recorded in our secret coffee hole with Tom, our 16-year-old work experience lad, but then the edit had a somewhat unsavoury adult scene which I couldn’t exactly use in the same video as a non-adult, so one of them had to go. Sorry Tom! Ironically, had Tom’s scene won the toss, this video wouldn’t have been demonetised by YouTube. Nonetheless, sometimes an artist such as oneself simply has to eschew the money and roll with what best upholds their overall integrity. The thumbnail relates to a rant I had about the state of the local roadways which was curtailed in the edit as I originally had a pop at my local council and the amount of temporary traffic lights that plague these streets. I cut it short to get to the point, but the artwork had already been commissioned!


Up for a skive at CEF Live... 23 !

Published:   11/06/23
Runtime:   49:40
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Trade show
Fun facts:   Straying out of our comfort zones are me, Nige and Linda all converging onto the warzone that is Birmingham in order to attend CEF Live 23! The last such event was in 2019 which, by amazing coincidence, was billed as "CEF Live 19"! Today’s attendees stream forth from such exotic locations as Scotland, Wales, Ireland and… uh… oh, there was a bloke from Skegness we bumped into too. The annoyance with this one is that I went prepared with two microphones only to find afterwards that neither had been talking to the camera, so all audio is picked up on the internal mic only and is therefore pretty terrible. It seems my overpriced microphone dongle didn't survive the dunking it took down Karen's undergarments from a few vids back. In that vid, when she yelled "I'll break it" as she grabbed the camera off Nige, it turns out she wasn't fucking around.


OTT: Multifunction grandad gear - with VIRTUA NIGE!

Published:   01/06/23
Runtime:   30:35
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review, Nostalgia
Fun facts:   Back in January, Steve from SFG Security and Electrical swung by to pay Nigel and me a visit at the ol' Hungry Hoss pub, and while there he handed over some of his old geezer's gear including a rather wonderful Seaward CMB-S multifunction tester. Naturally, an Old Toy Thursday video on such a rare beast was always on the cards, but at around the same time I also snaffled another mythical machine from off ScumBay: a Robin KTS1630, so it made sense to kill two birds with one stone and showcase them together in a video that combines old-school hardware with the latest (albeit not greatest) in A.I. virtual ass..istants. A Twitter trailer exists as an unlisted video here. VirtuaNige was created with D-ID and, to avoid deepfakes, it refuses to play ball if you try to use dirty words in the text-to-speech. That said, if you spell Whore as Hoare, Porn as Pawn and Shitbox as Shitebox, then you can get past the censor algorithm! What a world we live in!


The odd thing y' didn't know you needed

Published: 27/05/23
Runtime: 25:59
Category: SH!T CHAT
Technical content: Review, R2 testing, Wander leads
Fun facts: Kevin from Chauvin Arnoux popped by for a pint and (rather unwisely) left his car boot open just long enough for me to lift this curious beast from his posession... and what a useful instrument it is too! A whole twelve months since we last plopped out a SH!T CHAT review video, this has been Sellotaped together despite the fact the audience all hate our amateur nonsense! Yeah! You're welcome!

The Impossible Angry Karen [Odysee exclusive edit]
Published:   03/05/23
Runtime:   01:59:59
Category:   Running the business
Technical content:   Customer from hell
Fun facts:   An edited version of the video below because Odysee has a two-hour limit. This is also encoded at a lower resolution of 720x576 instead of 1280x720 because of restrictions on file size. Nearly five minutes was cut from the Coffee & Cigars chapter to get the runtime down.


The Impossible Angry Karen

[No Odysee link - their video length limit is 2 hours, see above]
Published:   30/04/23
Runtime:   02:04:57
Category:   Running the business
Technical content:   Customer from hell
Fun facts:   A difficult client turns her inner Karen up to eleven and physically attacks us on site. Fortunately, because we had our cameras with us, when the police are called they don't believe her tall tale of Nige and I having gone for her and she is handcuffed while on the street for all her neighbours to see - and their curtains are twitching. This is yet another video in development hell as the situation between us has been ongoing for some time and has already meritred a lengthy vlog Nige and I recorded 20th March recanting the tale of our problems with this client. Actually, we recorded it twice as the blimmin' microphone receiver failed after just 45 seconds on the first take! Then, before that got published, it all kicked off again on 30th March! At that point, I drafted a more efficient 10,000 word script intending to record it all solo from scratch with an updated ending. On 4th April, it fired up for a third time, so on 6th April we relented and went to speak with the customer in person which is where things turned unexpectedly explosive. Is this the end? It had bloody better be - I have a crime number and scratches down my face to show for it, but the trouble when dealing with irrational people is they tend to act irrationally! As far as video editing goes, this has been the longest and most tedious effort to date, mainly down to sifting through it almost frame-by-frame to obscure visual and audible identifiers that might land me in trouble, along with another 2000 words appended to the script and a whopping 365 supporting assets which were created in order to illustrate the tale. It's all too long for my editing software and had to be assembled in seven sections! I just hope that someone will be bored enough to watch it after all that effort! Oh, and no, the raw footage isn't something I can share... at least, not unless you're Karen's solicitor or da law! I was hoping to have this up a few days before publishing, but it came right down to the wire for an April deadline. This is the first video to reflect a rebrand for the Which? Trusted Trader scheme in the endcard as well as a new watermark logo pushing the dses.tv webpage.


The non-destructive self destruct [BONUS CONTENT]

Published:   26/03/23
Runtime:   09:40
Category:   Vapourware
Technical content:   The (oh so) special effect of making a spaceship disintergrate on camera!
Fun facts:   A bonus featurette relating to the previous video and illustrating some of the nonsense needed for the practical effects; after all, you can't just make a model spaceship and blow it up. Well, not unless you're damn sure you're going to get everything in the first - and only - take! Originally unlisted and only available from this page for the first three months, this vid was dumped into the Vapourware dustbin on 27/06/23. On 21st October '23, while drunk, I knocked it over from Unlisted to Public


Selectivity and Demand

Published:   26/03/23
Runtime:   01:23:30
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Maximum demand, Selectivity, Poor workmanship, Repair of builder botchery, Class 1 & 2 lighting, Improper certification
Fun facts:   A video requiring the use of some tricky practical effects which has held things up a little as the meat of it was largely filmed last September/October. Indeed, the observant may recognise the garage from this site as the location for the prior Short titled "Someone Signed This Off" published last autumn. A Star Trek theme has been on the cards for three years (I kid you not), so it's nice to put this one to bed. If you've ever wondered how difficult it is to work with model effects, especially as an amateur, then take a look at the video above which offers unpublished bonus content.


Project #177
Published:   N/A
Runtime:   02:20 [filming aborted at this point]
Category:   **DELISTED**
Technical content:   N/A
Fun facts:   Imagine someone inviting themselves to your party, munching through the cheese n' pineapple cocktail sticks and then complaining to you, as the host, that they don't like the music and never even wanted to be at your shitty shindig in the first place. Well, I was contacted by someone who wanted to get some footage with us for their channel. So, okay, I'm up for a collab; they've said what they want to capture on camera and I tell them what I'm looking for in return so I can put something on the 'Tube for myself. I ensure no work is in the diary for that day, so I'm forefeiting a day's earnings and I still have to cover Nigel's wages. Not only that, but as the genial host I buy breakfast when our guest arrives. That's all dandy of course, so long as they play ball and we each get what we want from it. Anyway, alarm bells start ringing when they arrive and tell us they "don't really want to be here". Apparently, the person who manages their social media thought it would be a good idea and our guest has reluctantly gone along with it! Okkkaaaaayyyyy! Well, we know what they want to film, and I've gone to the effort of planning and preparing what I want to capture, only matey star guest isn't feeling it. When asked to do something for us, they literally say "Let's get it over with" before I even get my camera out. Once we are rolling, they say "go on" in one form or another a total of 19 times over two minutes like we're not grinding on with it quickly enough. They again repeat "Let's get it over with" a minute and six seconds in after we've paused to check they're okay seeing as they look so uncomfortable and are continually urging us to get on with it. To add insult to all the other insults, their phone rings at 1:22 and it takes them until 1:47 to fish it from their pocket and to go to the effort of looking up who the missed call was from while Nige and I are forced to pause because of the annoying distraction. We naturally put our phones on silent when their camera was recording because that's what you do. All throughout, aside from when not using their phone, our guest is distractedly fiddling with their own bloody GoPro. At 2:08, I decide I'm pulling the plug because it's clear they're in no way interested and have no intention of engaging us in friendly conversation. Instead, I decide to turn things around and "get it over with" in terms of their visit, so my camera gets shut off at 2:20. Nige and I then gamely spend over an hour making sure they get what they came for and, afterwards, I put my hand in my pocket again to buy us all a drink at the Hungry Horse. The final "screw you" is presented to us when our guest gives their undivided attention to their phone for goodness knows how long in the pub before Nige and I decide to fuck off and leave 'em to it. Needless to say, none of us bothered to take any selfies of this miserable experience for the likes of Insta or Twitter. Oh, and to date, their video of us hasn't appeared, so I guess they were as underwhelmed as we were! What a waste of a fucking day!


OTT: The Robin KTS1610: compact & bijou

Published:   02/02/23
Runtime:   35:34
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review, Nostalgia
Fun facts:   This first Old Toy Thursday entry (yes, I'm afraid more are planned) was supposed to be a quickie released in January, but I broke the damn thing as I was running through how to review it and had to order in another from off ScumBay which has held things up! Happily, I have it working again by the end of the video, although I'm not sure how! The instrument was kindly donated by Sam and Ian from offa Instagram. The video was demonetised by YouTube for no good reason at all. I'm used to that, and normally there's an obvious reason for it, but not this time, so I requested a manual review. Of course, the Yankee-Doodle dickheads simply came back to say their decision was upheld without saying why. So that's useful.


Portable Test Rig : Create & Evaluate!

Published:   14/01/22
Runtime:   1:19:01
Category:   Savery's Source
Technical content:   Test procedures to BS7671 18th Edition amendment 2 on a custom and portable rig, RCD uplift, Earth leakage, Clamp meters, Insulation resistance fault & effects, Capacitive induction
Fun facts:   A request by regular viewers Sammi and Ria in Aberdeen, although I'm not sure why I never thought of it before as it's a rather spiffing idea! That said, filming the thing has been a nightmare. It was first recorded in October '22 as a collaboration with Nick Bundy at his unit in Stafford, then again with Nigel in the Twat Cave in December, but on both occasions it didn't really work. I think the reason was because both attempts were ad-hoc and unrehearsed, so although I had a picture in my head of how it should all go together and what we could show, Nick and Nigel just had to wing it which made things more difficult for them. I was also worried that something would be missed as we ad-libbed through the thing, so in the end I sat down for three days over Christmas to knock up a 12,000 word script with everything checked and proceduralised along the way. Filming it fully rehearsed took several days because nearly each paragraph of that script had its own camera setup with post production requiring additional voice-overs, edits and visual aids.There's also a companion webpage here. So, yeah, it was a lot of work; easily the most complicated video I've made to this point. Still, this supersedes similar videos I filmed with Amy in 2021 which showed testing and faultfinding on my main test rig, and it (hopefully) provides enough information for anyone interested in building their own test environment. Originally, I intended to split it into two videos to show construction and then testing, but instead it's all lumped into one. It doesn't really matter; the information's all there for whomever wants it, even if that does end up only being Sammi and Ria! The RCD uplift was a stroke of luck as I'd been hoping to catch that in the act and it's a pretty rare thing in the wild.The first video to be filmed on my replacement Canon HF100 camcorder.



Old knacker's Christmas crackers

Published:   23/12/22
Runtime:   02:49
Category:   Long n' Shorts
Technical content:   N/A
Fun facts:   A musical number penned by Daughter #1 last year (not for this, I just nicked it off her), and filmed 07/12/22. No shouts on this one as it's just a quick Christmas greeting. Our thanks to The Harvester pub in Long Itchington for kindly throwing us out on our ears (and our apologies for our drunken behaviour - we are thoroughly ashamed of ourselves). Features inflatable Nigel and a second animated sequence by Daughter #2, the first being in our Phil the Plumber video from 2020. Demonetised by the festive-fun police at YouTube because of the balloon cock n' balls. Has a unique Christmas pudding watermark and a uses the Long n' Shorts end amimation extended by several seconds with a snowfall overlay added. The first video to appear on this page almost 24 hours before public publishing on YT with Lewis Miller the first to leave an official early access comment! Lewis, the chufty badge is all yours fella! The music is copyright of Daughter #1 and is available on Bandcamp I'm told.


Drop your cocks; we've a busted green box!

Published:   21/12/22
Runtime:   47:31
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Fibreglass kiosk replacement, Rodent ingress
Fun facts:   Filmed 22/11/22; the coffee shout out at the end was from our Mars studio which was hastily knocked up after our job one morning got canned and we didn't immediately have anything else to jump on. Announcements for this here webpage you're on right now along with our UT2004 game server were made in this episode.


Prats in a flat (with impressive length)

Published:   27/11/22
Runtime:   1:29:35
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Storage heating, LOT20, Colour selectable lighting, Kinetic switching, Dual-rate SBS consumer unit
Fun facts:   The coffee shout-out was set in our rollercoaster studio, timed for after I happened to have new windows put in on the house which is why a shark smashed through it on the previous video. Contains music from the channel This is Royalty Free. The CRT TV is supposed to be showing a corporate logo animation through our new media playback device (see prior video below), but we still didn't tweak it right as, despite no flicker, it remains out of sync with the camera shutter speed! Pah!


Failed RCD autopsy

Published:   03/11/22
Runtime:   29:32
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   RCD (GFCI) basic operation.
Fun facts:   The coffee shout-out was in our submariner studio with a leaky bag of water set above NIge to drip into his bucket, although it didn't show up terribly well on camera. We had some bother with the CRT TV that was supposed to show a sonar screen but which flickered horribly. It's quite difficult in this day and age to show a picture of something on an old screen that lacks inputs such as HDMI. In the end, we pointed the video camera at a YT video of a sonar screen, changed its colour from green to orange in PowerDirector (so it wouldn't clash with the chroma key) and played it back via a composite video connection from the camera to the TV. Sadly, it would only play back at 50Hz which is why you see the flicker. This was the final video to be mainly shot using my original Canon HF100 camera before it sadly died after being drunkenly kicked off its tripod a month later while I was setting up a shot of James Beck's dustpan & brush spinning on a plate for the next video! Demonetised by YT because there's a cartoon willy in it... for fucks sake!


Someone signed this off

Published:   29/10/22
Runtime:   1:00
Category:   Shorts / Long n' Shorts
Technical content:   Bad workmanship.
Fun facts:   Despite some previous content being filmed as 'shorts', this was the first video to be accepted by YT in that format because it was edited afterwards into the correct 9:16 aspect ratio. YT automatically created a Shorts category on the channel listing following the upload of this one, although it also sits in "Long n' Shorts" which is a category created for videos under five minutes in length. This was the first video to use the dedicated 9:16 end title card. It's also lacking any watermarking which is an editing omission. Uses the same custom 'fail' music by daughter #1 as "Amazeballs OZEV EV installation" from a year earlier. More content was filmed at this site and released the following March in the Selectivity and Demand video.


In an English kinetic garden

Published:   23/10/22
Runtime:   37:32
Category:   First / Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Kinetic switching, exterior lighting.
Fun facts:   The coffee shout-out was set in our airborne studio, this being the first video to use a custom setting. The idea of a virtual studio had been kicking around for a couple of months, although I didn't quite know what to do with it until I figured it would work for the coffee segments. Unfortunately, this greatly complicates the filming, especially here where props were needed. Still, it's a laugh innit?! I had to spend fifty quid on a big fan to blow over us at the end, yet the video only made £40 in its first two months! Still, I guess I'll be able to keep cool next summer! The oxygen masks were made of Christmas pudding cases on a length of aquarium air-hose that were dropped from a string pull mechanism via a cardboard flap. Yes, it's that hi-tech.


Upgrading my wank hot water tank

Published:   16/10/22
Runtime:   47:10
Category:   First / Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Immersion heater operation.
Fun facts:   Second collab with Phil the Fucking Plumber. Demonetised by YT because at the end I'm seen sat on the toilet even though I went through it frame-by-frame to ensure my junk - and the shadow of it dangling down when I stood up - was all suitably censored! Coffee shouts were filmed at our secret coffee hole.


Pair o' I.R.SEOLES

Published:   27/08/22
Runtime:   45:36
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Insulation resistance testing on a real-world fault.
Fun facts:   Filmed at the same site as "Oh FFS, it's another board change video!", but about a week later. Contains footage shot in 2018 of another real-world fault where a damp wall with a buried cable delivered a live voltage to non-bonded metal pipework. Coffee shouts were filmed at our secret coffee hole.


Oh FFS, it's another board change video

Published:   13/08/22
Runtime:   41:58
Category:   First / Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Insulation resistance testing, Consumer Unit replacement.
Fun facts:   Filmed on the same site as "Pair o' I.R.SEOLES". The coffee shouts were shot at our secret coffee hole with Buy Me A Coffee Beer becoming Buy Me A Stogie for the first time as I renounced alcohol (which lasted only a few weeks). The shout-out section was about as long as the technical content in this video. To avoid this happening again, subsequent videos use coffee segments filmed with a cutoff date that may be some time before the video publish date. This means shout-outs are now said to be 'on a future video' rather than on the next one. The Sack of Cack competition winner was announced here.


Fan fault finding, fixing & fidgeting

Published:   07/08/22
Runtime:   39:55
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Domestic extractor operation, One-fan two-room switching arrangement, Capacitor testing, Faulty fan repair, External timer controls
Fun facts:   Final appearance of the Knob Shine mug which hung around as a background prop in many videos. After filming, it was sent to Andy Payne who had won the Sack of Cack competition. A big regret of mine is that I lacked the wit and forethought to name this video OnlyFans. An Easter egg is the box of KY Jelly on the workbench. The asset count clocked in at 103 files.


Deciphering a duff EICR... with THIS GUY

Published:   07/08/22
Runtime:   39:55
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Electrical testing, EICR paperwork
Fun facts:   Although the gag is that we don't mention his name, This Guy is really John Bagley who has a presence on Instagram and who worked at Mercury Communications at the same time I did, which means we probably passed each other in the gents toilet of a Birmingham business unit a few times in the early 1990's without knowing fate would bung us together once again in a different industry three decades later. The beer shouts at the end were recorded out the front of the Royal Horse pub at the same table where we recorded our 360 VirtuaVan video.

NTT: The Megger MPU690 Multi-Voltage Proving Unit

Published:   19/07/22
Runtime:   24:18
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   13th video under the New Toy Tuesday heading. Filmed and published on 19th July 2022 which was the hottest day ever recorded in the UK to date. I'd spotted the product in a visit to Edmundsons the day before, and proceeded to blow my wad over it.


The Fantasmic Sack of Cack Giveaway!

Published:   16/07/22
Runtime:   32:00
Category:   SH!T CHAT!
Technical content:   Competition
Fun facts:   Third collab with Nick Bundy. The results of the Sack of Cack competition can be found here and were announced on-screen in "Oh FFS, it's another board change".


VirtuaVan 360 ride-along... TO THE PUB!

Published:   13/07/22
Runtime:   5:45
Category:   SH!T CHAT!
Technical content:   N/A
Fun facts:   This is a proof-of-concept made just for fun with my new 360 camera and is best viewed with a VR headset. If on a 2D screen, the angle can be adjusted all around by moving your mobile device or mouse pointer. Recorded without a shout-out as it wasn't a technical video. 360 degree viewing may not be possible on Odysee. Unfortunately, the view through the windscreen was washed out - and I'd gone to the effort of setting up the wife to pull out in front of us in her maroon Nissan Note to ensure one would be spotted in our game too! She drives out of The Plough pub car park at 1:38 just as we turn the corner out of Golf Lane in Whitnash. The first video to be uploaded in 4K and, naturally, it sees us heading to the Royal Horse pub.


NTT: Hioki 3490 Analogue MΩ HiTESTER

Published:   05/07/22
Runtime:   30:53
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review, Analogue scales, Linear/logarithmic scales
Fun facts:   12th video under the New Toy Tuesday banner after another long gap since the last one. These NTT vids don't tend to do too well, but this one is perhaps my favourite. Features the second use of the Billy Bollocks Insulation Resistance Demonstrator apparatus.


Half a fault 2 : The odd switcheroo


Published:   03/07/22
Runtime:   58:18
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Shared neutral, Insulation resistance testing, correction of a fault previously uncovered
Fun facts:   The companion video to Half a Fault which was the last video published in 2021. Although this was filmed only a month later in January '22, it wasn't edited and uploaded until July while I was off work with COVID. The main reason for the delay was down to my lacking an explanation for the change in fault which seemed to switch on the fly from one section of wiring before Christmas to another afterwards. We still don't get it, but we say as much in the video and we've not been called back to attend to any further problems since.


My Big Phat Greek Junk

Published:   27/06/22
Runtime:   1:03:59
Category:   Running the business
Technical content:   Websites and spam
Fun facts:   Filming location: 38°07'17.7"N 20°30'33.4"E, Elaiodasos Villas, Argostoli, Kefalonia. The first video to be shot using a new Insta360 camera. Scripted while on holiday on 9th June 2022, recorded on 10th June and edited/uploaded while I was off work with COVID a couple of weeks later. I'm wearing sunglasses to disguse the fact I'm reading off a laptop screen, being unable as I am to remember any lines at all. Third appearance of the AS DA undercrackers and with music provided by Daughter #1. Demonetised by YT because there's a picture of a dog shagging a pig in it. The coffee shouts didn't show Virgins/Whores and instead gave multilingual greetings with delivery for the first time from our secret coffee hole, so called because it was newly built and few people knew it was there which made it an ideal quiet filming location. It's actually outside the CoOp off Vickers Way at 52.267016, -1.552838. One of the highest asset counts because of all the screen captures and unique text-to-speech files (198 files of which 112 are TTS).


The (ultimate) ultimate Electrician's toolbox

Published:   24/05/22
Runtime:   18:13
Category:   SH!T CHAT!
Technical content:   Toolbox talk
Fun facts:   This toolbox took over from my previous ultimate toolbox featured in a 2019 video. In the end, it turned out not to be so good as one of the clasps broke off six months later and DeWalt hardly wanted to know.


Juicing up Sam's knobby French van

Published:   22/05/22
Runtime:   55:44
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   EV chargepoint installation and testing
Fun facts:   Another collaboration with builder Sam Smith, this contains a musical number assited by daughter #1 and a CGI rendered lego man by Daughter #2. Filmed either side of the Easter weekend in 2022. Shows the Metrel MI3152 EV test functions as well as the Ethos 8600 EV test adaptor. The voice of 'disgruntled CEF counter chap' was of course provided by Fat Sam of the EGTE podcast. The asset count for this one was 68 files which mainly related to the musical number.


Tactical nuke on Megger vs. Fluke

Published:   06/05/22
Runtime:   33:46
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Multifunction test instruments from Robin and Ethos
Fun facts:   The Ethos tester was kindly donated by Andrew Hills; the Robin was a thiefBay purchase and the Heineken was from Asda.


My (rambling) view on amendment 2

Published:   24/04/22
Runtime:   1:20:55
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Changes to BS7671 18th Edition as introduced by amendment 2
Fun facts:   Demonetised and age restricted by YT because of an image of Rishi Sunak porking Priti Patel with a petrol pump that was borrowed from Beta. The asset count is a whopping 254 supporting files, this feature length video being almost completely slide based.


The GIMP's room... #shorts

Published:   23/04/22
Runtime:   1:00
Category:   Long n' shorts
Technical content:   N/A
Fun facts:   Filmed on a mobile phone in August 2020. Not classed as a true Short by YT as it's not recorded in the portrait 9:16 aspect ratio. This was originally published on Twitter at the time of recording. I still don't know what the purpose of that room was. The first video to use the non-animated Avatar watermark which may be reserved for other shorts in the future.


Bobbin' a Robin onto the job

Published:   27/03/22
Runtime:   37:15
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Multifunction testers. Use of the Megger MTB7671/2 check tester, Review, Nostalgia
Fun facts:   Shows the Cyclim Test Lamp kindly donated by Dave in Portland. The 'Robins' in the thumbnail was an existing picture by Daughter #2, my thumbnail artist, following our viewing of Batman (the Adam West 1960's original which we very much enjoyed). She was then tasked with drawing in the Robin tester.


Remuneration from illumination

Published:   26/03/22
Runtime:   49:12
Category:   Savery's Source
Technical content:   MR16 ELV lighting to GU10 LV. kWh running cost calculations
Fun facts:   Finishes in the beer garden of the Royal Horse pub. This subject was spurred on by the cost of living crisis biting in 2022. An asset count of 108 files including Cabbage Patch Kids and Crazy Frogs. Third video in the Savery's Source category.


Old Geezer's Gear

Published:   06/03/22
Runtime:   48:29
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review, Nostalgia
Fun facts:   Second collab with Nick Bundy. These testers were donated to Nick by Boyd at CertOn and Mark Allison at Apprentice 121; Nick then passed them on to me. The idea was for apprentices to be able to play with them, but they're all kinda end-of-life. This shows the final coffee shout recorded at the Royal Horse pub, at least in the morning when we had our coffee, as they changed their opening hours... probably deliberately to keep us out...


A Shade Browner

Published:   27/02/22
Runtime:   30:21
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Solar PV installation workmanship, Consumer Unit change
Fun facts:   The coffee shouts were filmed over breakfast at the Royal Horse pub. We mention in this video about being berated by a neighbour at this site regarding noise. I then state that this had happened on a previous job which was also filmed, but as of December 2022, that video remains unedited.


The ultimate badass T&I label

Published:   13/02/22
Runtime:   18:26
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Inspection & testing labels and their regulatory requirements (pre-amendment 2)
Fun facts:   The orange rotating mirror light off-camera later ended up on the roof of the van. More information on my custom T&I label can be found here. This was the first video to change Buy Me A Coffee to Buy Me A Beer after I found you could customise the BMAC page to select your beverage of choice!


Two pricks visit Nick's

Published:   02/02/22
Runtime:   23:16
Category:   SH!T CHAT!
Technical content:   Arseing around making copper ingots!
Fun facts:   First collab with Nick Bundy & Adam and our first visit to Nick's unit in Stafford. The 'urine' at the start was of course a concealed water bottle and the beer shown was alcohol free; the assholes were 100% genuine however. Final appearance of the van in its orange livery. The next day it was stripped ready for re-wrapping in black.



Published:   03/02/22
Runtime:   52:23
Category:   First/Second Fix & Jobbing Work
Technical content:   Consumer Unit replacement, Class 1 and 2 downlights, Ring calculations with metric & imperial cable sizes
Fun facts:   The second collaboration with James Beck in Manchester, recorded the day after 'A van yack with THAT J. Beck' the previous November at my niece's house. The pooing dog skit was of course a set-up. It used a 'breathing' sleeping dog doll with the ejected material being chocolate mousse stuffed into a spring-loaded party-popper attached to the tail. That scene was pre-recorded in Leamington and had to be done as the best of three takes as I'd only had three white T-shirts made. The missing van wheels at the end was a Photoshop job (well, GIMP actually). This was the first video to split coffee contributors into virgins or whores depending on whether or not it was their first time. The Bod animation was provided by Daughter #2. Recorded in late November 2021 but published as the first video of 2022.



Half a fault


Published:   24/12/21
Runtime:   56:07
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Insulation resistance testing, Shared neutrals
Fun facts:   Has an appearance by builder Sam Smith.This was the final job we attended to in 2021, so Nige tootled off home for Christmas after throwing beer over my T-shirt. Speaking of which, this was the last appearance of our navy shirts with the ECA logo as our ECA membership ended at that time. The shoutout segment was filmed in my back garden, not a real pub garden (and yes, it was bloody cold). I expected this one to be a quickie to edit and poo out, but soon realised some slides would be needed to help explain what we were seeing. The final asset count came to 51 after several hours knocking up diagrams. A follow-up video, "Half a fault 2 : the odd switcheroo" was recorded in January but didn't get edited and published until July.


Toaster trip tip #shorts

Published:   17/12/21
Runtime:   3:21
Category:   Long n' shorts
Technical content:   A common cause for a tripping toaster!
Fun facts:   Not really a Short in the YouTube sense, but a brief video to show a common fault with this appliance. No coffee shouts as it's just a quickie. This uses the rare "Rotating Mirror Light" animated watermark for reasons best known to my drunken self at the time. Filmed 15/12/21 in Napton; the view looking out toward Upper and Lower Shuckburgh. Shows my homemade PAT adaptor in action as featured in the 2020 video 'Turn your M.F.T. into a P.A.T.'


Much ado about neutral trippery

Published:   05/12/21
Runtime:   46:59
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   RCD tripping through neutral current from neighbouring properties. Insulation resistance, Class 1 & 2 downlights
Fun facts:   Filmed 02/11/21 in Tiddington, Stratford-upon-Avon. The final scene was shot in the beer garden of the Royal Horse pub in Leamington. First use of the 'Sparkle' watermark logo.


A van yack with THAT J. Beck


Published:   27/11/21
Runtime:   31:33
Category:   SH!T CHAT!
Technical content:   Shooting the breeze with the great man himself about tools n' stuff!
Fun facts:   Filmed in Manchester, 20/11/21 at the same time as the Star Guest video which followed in January, and recorded in the van while it was parked on my niece's driveway. This video originally had a different opening with James performing an untoward act, but it was cut short 24 hours after going live. Think of it as a 'special' treat for the faithful who'd subscribed and tuned in early enough! Those who saw it, saw it... and probably don't remember it anyway, those who missed it... well... missed it. Sorry. Final use of the 'Sparkle & Shine' watermark logo because I felt it was too distracting, making this one of only two videos to employ it.


Three fault-Friday

Published:   14/11/21
Runtime:   1:08:06
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   RCD fused unit failure, Overcurrent fault finding, Bad workmanship
Fun facts:   Starts with a quick-cut sequence. The first appearance of the Metrel MI3152 MFT which Linda arranged to be loaned to us after our visit to Elex in September. Supposedly on a short term loan, as of the end of 2022 Metrel still haven't asked for it back! Mind you, our showing it in action can't be bad for business I guess. The three faults we cover were a seized RCD fuse unit, a sensitive MCB and a shorting bathroom fan feed. The original intention at the start of the day was to film three faults on three seperate sites, but the other two sites that day didn't make the cut. Rebranding sees the first use of the 'Sparkle & Shine' watermark logo, the first appearance of the new-for-2022 company logo on the title card and the first use of the new animated end card scored by Daughter #1. The ending has us telling the audience to sod off.


Amazeballs OZEV EV installation... #shorts

Published:   28/10/21
Runtime:   00:57
Category:   Long n' shorts
Technical content:   Bad workmanship
Fun facts:   An example of piss-poor workmanship we happened across. We think the shonky cable install may have been because a bush was present at the time the monkey stapled it to the outside wall, although that doesn't excuse anything about this dreadfulness. The music was a custom request from Daughter #1 who provides most ditties used on this channel. The last video to use the 'spin' animated watermark and end card before the business went through a rebranding.


A proper builder's breakfast

Published:   17/10/21
Runtime:   33:38
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   RCD tripping, IR testing, Bad workmanship, Regulatory requirements
Fun facts:   Filmed on the same site as "Tracing troublesome toilet tripping!" but about four months later. The big mistake we made here was to correct some of the bumbling efforts of a builder and to re-energise it. We should have simply disconnected his cack-handed nonsense to stop the RCD from tripping, then walked away.


The Manor House Refurbishment... 6

Published:   08/10/21
Runtime:   1:28:59
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   Electrical first and second fix, Exterior SELV lighting
Fun facts:   Filmed in 2020 with the intention of it being edited and released that Christmas, it wasn't until a whole year later that this sixth instalment in the Manor House series was finally bolted together. This starts with a nonsense 'Previously On" sequence scored by Daughter #1 and ends with a photo montage whose music I ripped off an obscure PS3 game's high-score table! An Easter egg in that montage is the dildo placed in Hilary's en-suite. Disinterested yoof appears at 06:43 - this is actually Daughter #2 who produces the thumbnail artwork and animations used both on the channel and on this website, Also shown is Daleep who was volunteering for work experience with us at this time and, I'm pleased to report, did manage to find a position in the electrical industry. For the thumbnail on this one, the brief was to be exciting "Men in Black" for no good reason.


Two dicks, one hole... and a new C.U.

Published:   02/10/21
Runtime:   52:03
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing wok
Technical content:   Consumer unit relocation and replacement
Fun facts:   I'd made a few videos with Scolmore to aid their SGTV YouTube channel in 2019/20, but when they launched their Elucian range of consumer units in 2021, I didn't get offered any shiny new kit, instead I got a call from their marketing people to say, in not so many words, that they had some used parts they'd battered through photoshoots and were now throwing away, and would I be interested in 'em to save space in their dustbin? Not being one to see anything get wasted, I offered to show their gear on camera so long as it wasn't too beaten up. They then went away, brainstormed for a moment, and sent me wholly new parts I could proudly show going in on a customer's site! This remains the only Elucian install I've undertaken for two reasons: nobody sells the friggin' stuff off-the-shelf in these here parts, and Scolmore haven't spoken to me since! Don't get me wrong, there's been no falling out - at least, not that I know about - but there's been no further collab between us. Mind you, that doesn't stop them from releasing pictures of me in Professional Electrician alongside their wares or finding ways to make new videos using content filmed three years prior, both of which seem to keep happening. Not that I begrudge them such. They're the only ones who ever considered me as being a magazine front cover pin-up, and I'll bank that as much as they ever will!


It's the first Elex since... well.. the last Elex. And it was a bit cack with some big names missing

Published:   20/09/21
Runtime:   26:39
Category:   SH!T CHAT!
Technical content:   Industry news
Fun facts:   Recorded at the Coventry Elex show on 16 and 17 September '21 at the Ricoh Arena. Linda and I also recorded a video for the eFixx chaps in the bar that evening (actually, we recorded it twice as their microphones malfunctioned the first time). I can't fnd that on their channel anymore, so maybe it's been delisted. The outside broadcast van was Nigel's Bongo Friendee camper wagon of anal-sex doom. Linda and I got smashed at the bar that night and I had to call the wife to come and get us as we'd missed the last train back to Leamington. The wife was not at all impressed, and Linda has a photo of me passed out in the Arena car park! Alongside Nige, the thumbnail shows Shashi and Raj who were two of the many people we met threre. The video showed a montage of attendees to the 80's Top of The Pops chart rundown graphics and music (The Wizard by Paul Hardcastle). Months later, it was demonetised by YT for using this music, so any adverts shown now are outside of my control as the bally lot goes to the copyright holder. When originally uploaded, one person asked to be removed from the on-screen roll call, so the video went offline for a few hours pending my rubbing them out. Fortunately, the cut doesn't really show unless you're looking for it. We didn't attend Elex '22; the first time in nine years (outside of 2020's COVID cancellation) that we've missed it. We figure Elex has lost its way a litte and needs to try harder if it's to get back its pre-pandemic popularity.


Live testing with Amy the Spark

Published:   03/09/21
Runtime:   30:47
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Live testing, MFT operation
Fun facts:   Filmed on the same day as the previous two videos. When Amy told me she didn't have an MFT, I figured I'd look like a bit of a dick if I didn't give her this one, after all, I have a fair few of 'em and TIS had kindly donated this one to me to review which I feel Amy and I had done over our three videos.


Dead testing with Amy the Spark

Published:   02/09/21
Runtime:   1:04:35
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Dead testing, MFT Eco operation
Fun facts:   Crikey, it was a hot day when this was recorded - and there's no ventilation in that there twat cave! Poor Amy had to brave it through, and my respect to her for doing so with a sunny smile across her face throughout!


MFT-Eco unboxing and mansplaining with Amy

Published:   01/09/21
Runtime:   26:41
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   The MFT ECO instrument was kindly donated to me by TIS. The thumbnail for this one was the first commission from Daughter #2, although "Dual busbar drunkenness with Linda" ended up being uploaded before it.


Dual busbar drunkenness with Linda

Published:   30/08/21
Runtime:   30:29
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   SBS dual busbar Consumer Unit
Fun facts:   As mentioned in the video, Nigel was supposed to be present but cried off sick with a weeping mangina... or something. Linda came down from Sheffield to spend some time on the van in order to see the job in action over the summer of 2021, but she likes a drink as much as I do which meant we spent rather too much time at the Royal Horse. Needless to say, that's where this video ends up. Filmed 26/08/21. The first video to go live with a custom thumbnail designed by Daughter #2.


Goofing off to buff my P.V. stuff!

Published:   25/07/21
Runtime:   39:22
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   Solar PV
Fun facts:   The opening was filmed at Chesterton Windmill, a 17th century structure just about visible from my bedroom window. Recorded on 16/07/21, the title card contains a date error as I seem to have forgotten to update it from the preceeding 'Drunken doomed lamp rant' video. The thumbnail was snapped from a PV cleaning job Nige and I took on in 2020 in an ultimately unseccessful attempt to add PV cleaning as a string to our bow. At the time of filming this, Nige had just started a diet and wasn't terribly impressed when I said we'd have to scoff a burger and chips at lunchtime (the Royal Horse does a buy-one-get-one-free on Fridays!) Music was used from the JamHamster YouTube channel. Some stills are shown from April 2014 when Nigel and I installed my PV system. It's a shame we weren't doing the 'Tube stuff back then as that would have been an interesting project to show.


(Drunken) Doomed lamp rant

Published:   14/07/21
Runtime:   24:49
Category:   SH!T CHAT!
Technical content:   Lamp technologies, Right to reply
Fun facts:   Filmed as a follow up to the previous video to address some questions and comments raised by those who'd seen it. If I remember rightly (and I possibly don't), a fair quantity of white wine had already been put away before I moved on to the cheap Scotch and store-brand rola cola!


SH!T CHAT: Last orders on old lamps

Published:   30/06/21
Runtime:   47:03
Category:   SH!T CHAT!
Technical content:   Lamp technologies
Fun facts:   Aside from assembling some lamps beforehand in The Tray of Gay, this one was impromptu and was rather fun to record one Friday afternoon, especially as it made Nigel look quite the fool.



The Manor House refurbishment... 5

Published:   20/06/21
Runtime:   1:12:43
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   SWA armour resistance, Volt drop, Earth rod resistance, Dado trunking, data connection to outbuilding
Fun facts:   Fifth instalment in the Manor House series which covers power and data to the outbuilding. Filmed in June 2020, but not edited and uploaded until a full year later. Daughter #2 came along for some (reluctant) work experience. Shows use of the Ferret WiFi camera. Some technical advice was sought from Joe Robinson of eFixx on this one, yet he and I still aren't sure of what GN6 was trying to say. The vandalised schoolbook was called Focus On Physics and I really did nick it from Ernesford Grange's library as they had another copy anyway and I wanted to... well... focus on physics. [Stealing from libraries is not big, hard or clever kids].


Tracing troublesome toilet tripping!

Published:   15/06/21
Runtime:   25:12
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Insulation resistance testing, Water in electrical wiring.
Fun facts:   Recorded and published the same day. When the call came in about the RCD tripping whenever the loo was flushed, we had to take the camera along to see why! The video 'A Proper Builder's Breakfast' was filmed on the same site a few weeks later where footage from this recording was referred to in order to highlight some of the botched work that had happened since. The general concensus was that a rat had been chewing through the soil pipe here - just what you want to be going on under your kitchen cabinets!


SBS Dual Busbar Consumer Unit

Published:   05/06/21
Runtime:   33:36
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   Consumer unit replacement, Product review, Surge protection, Dual busbar
Fun facts:   SBS emailed me in January to tell me of their products and to ask if I'd show their wares to the world. I was kind of dismissive as I don't encourage freebies - they all too often result in videos that attract few views for the work that goes into them, and I feel compelled to make content about something I perhaps wouldn't have ordinarily. We also don't undertake too many CU changes usually, but when we won the job on this site, I'd decided we were going to film here regardless of what we'd end up doing as it was the ideal location for the end gag. I looked at what SBS were up to, decided I liked what I saw, and contacted them to say we were hard for it if they were. SBS duly sent me the CU seen in the presentation. The gag throughout was that a foreign builder was clattering about upstairs (sound effects were added in edit), and I'd get a crowbar up my rectum, a giggle I'd had in the back of my head for a while. The crowbar was the same foam prop used in 'Wall chasing and box sinking' a year before, but cut in half and fitted to the seat of my old work trousers. Nige had no idea of the joke until I waddled down the stairs. Nigel's rant about Twinkies at the start was really much shorter; some of the fast forward segments are loops of what's already been seen, but he's such a tedious twat that when he speaks it feels like it's gone on forever.


NTT (NSFW): The Klein NCV Detector/Laser Measure

Published:   11/05/21
Runtime:   12:22
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Non contact tester operation, Review
Fun facts:   Over a year since the last NTT and based on RoboCop (1987) if you don't get the parody. Poor old Jordan at Artisan Electrics got his mush in shot because it was at this time his sub count was rocketing right up past everyone else. Although I'd bought this thing and it wasn't a freebie from SuperRod (Klein's UK distributor), they called me to say they had enjoyed this video. In a double whammy, not only did YouTube decide to restrict the ads, they also require you to be signed in as over 18 to watch the buggering thing. The effect at the end was made as a GIF animation overlay with frames tediously timed to match the live action.


(Arguably pants) Eco domestic lighting

Published:   29/03/21
Runtime:   34:59
Category:   Savery's Source
Technical content:   Lighting technologies, Nostalgia
Fun facts:   Double-fucked by YouTube; firstly because of the cannabis leaves used in the thumbnail (I just wanted some greenery to represent nature!), then because I'd used a clip of Buck Rogers dancing like I do at family events. This all means YT stamped on it for monetisation *and* restricted which territories it could be shown in. A shame because this was a video I'd made out of genuine interest in the subject and one which had been on the to-do list for quite some time.


Absolute sodden bollards.

Published:   14/03/21
Runtime:   43:41
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   SELV lighting, Bad workmanship
Fun facts:   One of my favourite videos simply because nature showed off her range that day. The weather changed on ten minute intervals throughout and inadvertently provided us with something that was (relatively) interesting to record, if not a tough one to get through because my hayfever was stinking.


The avoidable electrocution of Harvey Tyrell

Published:   05/03/21
Runtime:   28:47
Category:   Savery's Source
Technical content:   EAWR, Bad workmanship
Facts:   I'd heard of this case, so when social media announced the spark had gotten a shorter sentence than the pub landlord where the accident happened, I dug a little further. This is an example of EAWR in action and how you can end up on the wrong side of the law if you don't cover your arse with inspetion & testing. After publication, I was contacted by someone who was involved in the case who gave further detail off-the-record which backed up my conclusions. Sadly, I was unable to get them to go on the record, although additional detail is avaiable on this very site after the script and slides were used for the basis of a blog article. For the press clippings, I made extensive use of The Romsey Advertiser as I wanted to show a local news outlet over any national ones, however I'd got Romsey and Romford mixed up - they're 90 miles apart! Adverts are switched off on this episode and tomfoolery is dispensed with, nonetheless there were some murmurings about whether it was right to make a video about such a tragic topic. Personally, I think it's important that we do talk about this stuff. Anyone saying there's nothing to learn here is wrong.


Poppycock Part-P Process

Published:   22/02/21
Runtime:   22:10
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Part-P submission, Right to reply, Easycert's F12 function, Certificate numbering
Fun facts:   At the start of 2021, I went on the wagon for four months after feeling I thoroughly needed to dry out. The booze is therefore non-alcoholic beer. At 21:27, there is a video freeze which didn't occur in edit, only after rendering. I put a lot of legwork into finding the cause as Movavi technical support were hopeless. In fact, they were so shit dumb that if one were to open a ticket on their support system, an email would inevitably land requesting you send more information... from a no-reply email address. The ticket system didn't allow you to amend an open ticket either, so responding to any support request required opening a new ticket every time! Useless fucks! This was the last straw with their buggy software, and I booted them out for PowerDirector 365 which is a joy to use. I also had to pay a few quid to use the Fat Slob picture; money well spent, I'm sure you'll agree.


Knocking one off with Easycert...

Published:   01/02/21
Runtime:   58:41
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Electrical certification, Certification software, Easycert software, Maximum demand, Load shedding
Fun facts:   The first video of 2021, the first to use my custom title graphic and the first to feature inflatable Nigel. The AFDD videos at the end of 2020 had been hard work and quite draining, so although this was always going to be the next to follow them up, it took a while to build up the enthusiasm to get the hell on with it. Has references to my favourite film: 2001, A Space Odyssey. One regret is that I should have spun out the Maximum Demand section as a self contained video in its own right as many people want that information and have no idea it's buried away in here. Fat Sam shows up for whenever something I mention that's 'pony'.



The £1300 AFDD consumer unit


Published:   06/12/20
Runtime:   1:16:20
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Arc Fault Detection Devices, Electrical testing, Selectivity
Fun facts:   As with my 2018 AFDD video, I was rather hoping Electrium would be willing to work with me again so that I didn't have to blow £1300 on my consumer unit, but they weren't biting this time, so I had to dig deep and cough up. This one has a tribute to Tony Cable at the end after his passing in November; I'd seen Tony present many tech talks over recent years and I was surprised to hear the news considering there had been no announcement on social media by either NICEIC or Scolmore. Tony had represented the former for years, and was working for the latter at the time. The technical content of this video has a minor error as it states certain Wylex devices aren't compatible with each other when it turns out some actually are. The last video to use the slide-in opening title/date graphic which was a function of the Movavi video editing software that I was planning on dumping. Future videos would use a custom graphic to make the titles agnostic to whatever editor I'd employ going forward. The asset count came to 214 files ranging from stop-motion, slides and datasheets to custom music, image mockups and even a photo of me passed out on the floor with piss down my trousers that the (ever suffering) wife had to take while standing atop a step ladder. Yes, she's a lucky lady.


The Arc Fault Detection Device… again.

Published:   14/11/20
Runtime:   46:52
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Arc Fault Detection Devices, Arc fault detector construction, Draft for Public Comment
Fun facts:   Cripes, as for the musical number, I still can't think of anything that rhymes with 'grunts'! This was a revisit to my 2018 video on AFDDs, only with more success as I now had a way to actuate it every time. This video also revisited the "Savery Spume" prop from 'Turn your M.F.T. into a P.A.T.' with a smoke machine standing in for a halon system. The fire alarm sound was a mixture of the Nostromo alarm used in the 1979 film Alien and the one actually used in the World Trade Center which can be heard in videos documenting that tragedy. The test instrument was the MFT ECO which had been given to me by TIS the previous month and which eventually ended up with Amy the Spark a year later. It shows Fat Sam visiting us in an Isuzu he'd managed to blag in order to tour the country for some podcast interviews (Nige and I each appeared on such individually, although I can't now find them and they may be delisted). While Sam was here, we recorded a SH!T CHAT! episode with him, but the footage of that was subsequently misplaced and is considered lost forever. First use of the animated 'Fade-in' end title card. BTW, there wasn't really a barney with the wife, although my acting skills once again had some viewers fooled. One of Daughter #2's friends approached her at college and asked her about her parent's relationship breakdown after seeing this!


SH!T CHAT: New tings for your wiring

Published:   17/10.20
Runtime:   22:27
Category:   SH!T CHAT!
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   Both Quickwire and Thrion sent us some things for review. First appearance of the stick microphone which came to a (scripted) sticky end and which Nick Bundy has since stolen the idea for - the ruddy cad! Speaking of ends, this was the last video to use the static end title card.


The Manor House refurbishment... 4

Published:   04/10/20
Runtime:   1:07:21
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   First fix
Fun facts:   Fourth visit to the Manor House, Daughter #2 performs some poor camera work on this one while Hilary & her sister Lizzie both put in an appearance. Contains a stop-motion fight scene near the beginning.


Waffly Consumer Unit Upgrade

Published:   25/09/20
Runtime:   1:23:11
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Consumer Unit change, Condition reporting
Fun facts:   Filmed well off my usual beaten path at my niece's house. Ordinarily, I woudn't have recorded this, but the CU was supplied by Consumer Unit World so I was compelled to provide some content. In the event, there were a few things of interest that the EICR, performed by some doughnut previously, had omitted or got wrong. The song lyrics were thought up on the long drive back home and were sung by Daughter #1.


Well illuminated

Published:   23/10/20
Runtime:   44:06
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   Second fix
Fun facts:   Another Sam Smith job, filmed in Clarendon Square in Leamington - a street sometimes used in TV shows for Victorian or Edwardian street scenes, Upstairs Downstairs perhaps being the most famous of such. We were *very* nervous of dropping a tool down that well while working! Scotty didn't realise the camera was rolling, yet he may also appear in a future video as he's still working with Sam. The coffee shop at the end was filmed at Cafe 81 at Home Farm Crescent in Whitnash. Surprisingly, this isn't the first well lighting job we've been involved with, although it's the first we've filmed. The polystyrene 'face' we used for Nick Bundy also put in an appearance in the musical section of 'Hot tubbery with Phil the f@%*ing Plumber', albeit in a squarer appearance.


SH!T CHAT: New swag with Nob Nob

Published:   28/08/20
Runtime:   11:46
Category:   SH!T CHAT!
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   The title is a play on Tom Nagy and Naiomi (aka. Nom Nom). Something went wrong with the microphone on this one which meant it sounded like it was playing through soup even after many attempts to clean it up. I should also say, despite him talking like his stupid new stool was the best thing since sliced bread, I haven't seen Nigel use it once since this was recorded, so that was a load of blarney bollocks wasn't it!


Miele W1512 washing machine drain fault repair.

Published:   25/08/20
Runtime:   44:12
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Appliance repair
Fun facts:   A somewhat surprise hit, this was a genuine attempt to simply fix my friggin' washing machine on a summer's Friday evening. There's nothing fake about the hangover however, and the repair was ultimately successful.


Boombox Bluetooth BooYAH!

Published:   02/08/20
Runtime:   36:41
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Bluetooth modding a 1980's stereo
Fun facts:   Demonetised by YouTube (albeit not too surprisingly) as it uses third party music. It was the extended play of the track at the end, Evolve by John B that did it, but I fully expected it to happen and I regret nothing. Second use of the AS DA underpants.


SH!T CHAT: Nigel's Toolbox Tour

Published:   24/07/20
Runtime:   23:02
Category:   SH!T CHAT!
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   Demonetised by those humourless pricks at YouTube because there's a dildo in it.


Hot tubbery with Phil the f@%*ing Plumber

Published:   19/07/20
Runtime:   1:12:32
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   Hot tubs, TT earthing, RCD additional & fault protection
Fun facts:   First collaboration with Phil. Music was provided by Daughter #1 who also appears at 10:44. In the music section, Nige's breakdancing and the brick wall scene were filmed at the same time, and on the same site, as 'Landlord electrical inspections from July!' in Gas Street, Leamington, while the garages and intake room were shot at Manor Court as we wrapped up the 'Fixing another man's lash-up!' site. The AS DA designer underwear was specially made for the job (and surprisingly comfortable). The first video to feature animation work by Daughter #2 at the 11:25 mark, she also provided a unique 'grafitti' watermark used throughout the musical number. The set-up at 39:20 where Nige pisses into my Huel was surprisingly difficult to arrange because, thanks to COVID, it was quite hard to find a shop open where we could procure a bottle of water Nige could stuff down his trousers as pretend piss. At least... I think that's how he did it... 178 assets were required for things like the musical number, wiring diagrams and hot tub scenes. The quaint village we're driving through towards the end is Inkberrow.


Landlord Electrical Inspections: Amendment 1

Published:   28/06/20
Runtime:   47:17
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding, Right to reply
Technical content:    
Fun facts:   A follow on from 'Landlord electrical inspections from July!', this offers a right to reply to address queries that video raised. These days, I'd use a text-to-speech engine instead of reading the feedback myself. Artwork was provided by Daughter #2.The 'John Smith' account had been sticking the oar in anywhere on YouTube I'd been spaffing off, telling world plus dog that I didn't know shit and had nothing to offer. Well, point me to literally anybody else in this industry who does speak from a solid standpoint of always being a hundred percent right. I didn't like to do it, but John had to be made an example of, and if he's coming at me, you can be damn sure I'm not going to skulk off into a corner somewhere. The result of that fight ended up as a blog post here. The T-Shirt was from RedBubble and was a design by Daughter #2 after we'd watched the animated series Ulysees31. 


SH!T CHAT: The Peculiar Plugtop!

Published:   19/06/20
Runtime:   17:21
Category:   SH!T CHAT!
Technical content:   Insulation resistance
Fun facts:   We'd been well out of our usual area this day to perform a CU changeout for someone who'd seen our nonsense and insisted we undertake their work all the way over in Litchfield (we'd attended site the day before for the EICR). We'd been scratching our heads over some iffy IR readings which we eventually tracked down to a particular plugtop. The general consensus in the comments was that there was a coating or contamination on the plastic that was throwing our numbers out. This video was a quickie thrown out that same afternoon upon our return and was the first showing of the new test rig location, now fitted to where there was more wall space. The scene at 13:48 where Nige is taken for a vagrant was staged - the chap tossing the coins was Steve, my ex-neighbour and best man at my 1999 wedding. He was working as a school caretaker at that time just over the road from the site we were at.


Landlord electrical inspections from July!

Published:   15/06/20
Runtime:   1:23:17
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Condition reporting, Regulatory requirements
Fun facts:   The gag in this one was that YouTube had overdubbed the foul language using their algorhitm, "Automated Swearing Substitution System, Heuristically Obstructing or Limited Expletives", or "ASSAHOLE" for short... which was nonsense of course, it was all just me being a dick in the edit. Nonetheless, some were furious at Google's perceived meddling! This was the first video to see Nige back from COVID furlough, at least before things kicked off again in the late autumn and I once more sent him packing on the government's coin. Filmed at a flat in Gas Street, Leamington where, the same day and in the same flat, we snapped the 'break dancing' pictures of NIgel in preperation for our upcoming 'Hot tubbery with Phil the f@%*ing Plumber' video.


Nothing but second fixing

Published:   06/06/20
Runtime:   31:54
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   Second fix, Other trades
Fun facts:   Filmed on the same site as 'Nothing but first fixing' during lockdown in 2020. Has perhaps the rantiest of descriptions (judge for yourself), so someone must have pissed me off that day. Daleep's out on the van with me on this one.


Prat in McHat talks PAT... testing
Published:   11/05/20
Runtime:   1:20:14
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Portable Appliance Testing
Fun facts:   This is an Odysee exclusive as mentiond three videos past. An error in the original presentation was edited out as I'd only just created my LBRY account, so I uploaded this one indepenently of YouTube.


Turn your M.F.T. into a P.A.T.

Published:   10/05/20
Runtime:   16:54
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Homemade mod
Fun facts:   Another entry taking advantage of lockdown, I'd had the idea of cutting my hair short and, if I was going to do it, having a bit of fun on the way. In the event, I simply kept the bowl haircut for the rest of the summer before giving my barber a shock when restrictions eased in the autumn. The Spume prop was washing up liquid with more oat, carrot & spinach fake vomit simply thrown over the workbench.


Fixing another man's lash-up!

Published:   09/05/20
Runtime:   45:16
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   First fix, Faultfinding, Insulation resistance, Bad workmanship
Fun facts:   I originally quoted for this job in December 2019, but the owners took too long to get back to me and by the time they did, I no longer had availability which is why they appointed someone else. By late April 2020, lockdown was in full force and they'd fallen out with their second-choice contractor, so this seemed a fairly ideal job for me to come in and work at on my own. One of the most popular videos on the channel, I hadn't intended to film anything until that morning when I woke up. I had already determined that there was an issue thanks to previous visits where I'd perfomed some tests to find what the last guy had left where, so I figured it would be worth getting out the camera to discover why my tester was reporting unexpected numbers. Filmed at Manor Court in Leamington, the apparent birthplace of lawn tennis! I had an uncomfortable encounter with the old boy who was responsible for this a few months later at the CEF counter. I don't know if he'd seen this video, but he knew who I was and that I'd taken over the job. He badmouthed the homeowner and talked up his long standing reputation of decades out in the field, but his workmanship is here on camera and you can figure for yourself whether or not it's up to par.


Prat in McHat talks PAT... testing
Published:   03/05/20
Runtime:   1:20:14
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Bad workmanship, Fault finding, Cable resistance testing
Fun facts:   A YouTube exclusive... because it contained an error that I edited out after upload. As I'd just opened my LBRY account at the time, I was able to upload an amended version of this video to Odysee without said error (see three videos hence). I'd been meaning to record this for a long time, and the COVID lockdown gave me the opportunity to finally tick it off the to-do list. Filmed to the fourth code of practice which had been in place since 2012, the fifth came out not long after this went live, although that didn't change the basics. The word processor in the background is a 1990's SHARP FontWriter which was used for penning the script. Daughter #1 appears at the 40:06 mark. Demonetised by YouTube because... whatever. Probably the porn magazine at the start or something.


The Capacitive Earth Fault Mystery!

Published:   18/04/20
Runtime:   13:11
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Capitive induction on wiring, Electric fields
Fun facts:   An ambitious production aided by my having some extra time on my hands with the COVID lockdown. We had very little video from the site itself where the fault was present, a bit of phone footage at 08:09 was all. Nige had to phone in his lines via Zoom. An Easter egg many people recognised was the picture of Moriarty at 06:38 which was the actor Daniel Davis who appeared in a couple of Star Trek TNG episodes as that character. Indeed, Series 6, Episode 12 "Ship in a Bottle" was given away by the number plate on the van parked behind him. Very frustrating to film as I lack the abiliy to learn even a single line which means I have to always read off a prompt and end up recording numerous takes for every single scene. A lot of chroma key was used, obviously. Slides were knocked up in GIMP. Originally, there was a second fault I wanted to tack onto this, but it was clear that it was going to be quite enough work as it was. Employs both a unique animated watermark and end card. Demonetised by YouTube because of the implication of Nige sucking me off.


Nothing but first-fixing

Published:   12/04/20
Runtime:   1:16:44
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   First fix
Fun facts:   Filmed just as the UK COVID lockdown kicked in: Thursday 19th March and Friday 20th March (up to 17:12 in the runtime of this video) shows Nige just before he was furloughed. On Monday 23rd March, Nige was on leave, so I tackled some work on this site with Daleep who was with me from college on work experience. No footage was recorded on that day. In the evening, BoJo the Clown put the UK on lockdown, so from Wednesday 25th March (after runtime 17:50), footage reopens with just me on site on my own for that day. On Monday 30th March to Thursday 2nd April, the remaining first-fix was completed with many elements caught on camera. The snippet of opening music is from 2001, A Space Odyssey. Contains my take on Huel meal replacements. From 1:10:19, dashcam footage (incorrectly dated) shows the desertion of Leamington's Parade, the main high street through the town.


Makita Bluetooth Hack 2: The Sequel!

Published:   09/04/20
Runtime:   09:30
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Hardware mod, Right to reply
Fun facts:   A follow-on from two videos ago to improve operation based on viewer feedback. The date on the video title is out as the Casio watch I wore when editing hadn't accounted for it being a leap year!


NTT- Tamlite Starlite Wiz lamps


Published:   31/03/20
Runtime:   14:43
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   Filmed at the start of the UK COVID lockdown which gave me time to talk about some Tamlite Wiz products CEF had sent my way some time before.


Sunday hangover project 1: Makita DMR104 Bluetooth Hack

Published:   26/03/20
Runtime:   53:02
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Hardware mod
Fun facts:   I'd been toying with the idea of this for a while and went ahead one Sunday morning. The 'Hangover project 1' title opens the door to other such mod projects in the future.


The £85 EICR.... of pants

Published:   10/03/20
Runtime:   46:39
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Condition reporting, Bad advice
Fun facts:   Filmed just before the COVID lockdown after I was called to a 2015 site which some idiot had labelled as 'unsatisfactory' because it wasn't built to changes that came into effect in 2016! I didn't name the firm who'd given the duff advice here, but there was just enough information for the determined to track them down, so I later had to edit it to remove anything identifying. The video freezes at the 26:40 mark which I eventually worked out was down to an incompatibility between the Movavi editing software and >2GB file sizes if my camcorder had been left running (this one incorporating a long single take). Movavi Technical Support couldn't work out why that was happening (one or two other uploads were similarly affected), and this was one reason why I eventually kicked them out for PowerDirector. The asset count is 115 files, 46 of which were solely to take the piss out of stubby sqwaker Lily Allen.


The Manor House refurbishment... 3

Published:   15/02/20
Runtime:   1:15:29
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   First fix
Fun facts:   First use of a Batman wipe. Contains footage of the final afternoon before Christmas 2019 where we're (literally) driving home for Christmas. The drawer dildo scene on 'Bloody Brummie CU changeout' had been filmed that same afternoon at this location.


Weekend workshop 1: TomTom 6200 Go battery replacement boredom

Published:   25/01/20
Runtime:   23:16
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Appliance repair
Fun facts:   A successful attempt to get my ageing satnav back on the road. The 'Weekend workshop 1' title opened the door to similar videos, although I didn't take it up.


Nuisance LED Glow 2: The Sequel

Published:   19/01/20
Runtime:   22:25
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Capacitance, LED lighting operation, LED dimming, Insulation resistance, Smart switches, Right to reply
Fun facts:   Filmed shortly after the prior video to address some comments and additional technical points. Has some edited images of the E5 chaps just for larks! The incorrect resistors were deliberate despite a claim to the otherwise (betrayed by the change in camera angle to ensure the fireworks would be caught).


Nuisance glowing LED lights

Published:   05/01/20
Runtime:   35:46
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Capacitance, LED lighting operation, LED dimming, Insulation resistance, Smart switches
Fun facts:   The idea for this one came to me one Saturday morning at the end of Christmas 2019 while I was attending to my toilet (I kid you not), and in a rare flurry of interested activity, I had the thing quickly scripted and filmed by the end of Sunday, albeit at very late o'clock. The idea itself wasn't new, I'd already written a advice article on the subject back in 2014 and that had proven to be the most popular page of my website, attracting views from around the globe. Still, the idea of showing it in action appealed, so I modified the wiring of my test rig and hunted around for a LED lamp that would play ball (most don't). The website article was itself subsequently updated and improved with the scripted elements of this presentation. The talk about non-contact voltage indicators was shoehorned in after someone else uploaded a video showing them relying on such for safe isolation which is a no-no of course, and had attracted some shouting on social media platforms. The first and only use I've found for the TIS560 clamp meter 2mA scale! An Easter egg is the Girls on Trampolines DVD which Hilary and her husband had bought me for Christmas a few years before. First use of the Billy Bollocks Insulation Resistance Demonstrator which was built specially that afternoon. The fake vomit was mainly oats and spinach.



A festive oven element repair attempt


Published:   25/12/19
Runtime:   13:51
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Appliance repair, Insulation resistance, Element resistance
Fun facts:   Filmed 22nd and 23rd December 2019. As of Christmas 2022, three years after filming, I still have the gold McCrown. Has a customised one-off end card. The blood was tomato ketchup and the wife didn't like me messing around with the turkey!


Bloody Brummie CU Changeout

Published:   22/12/19
Runtime:   34:57
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Consumer Unit change, Inspection & testing
Fun facts:   Another one with our man Sam Smith and it was all his fault we ended up in blimmin' Brum. He was engaged on a large town house refurb in Leamington, but the owners also had this flat near Edgbaston that needed some work, so Sam undertook it as a sweetener. The 'bomb' at 10:06 was improvised as I accidentally knocked the camera off the shelf when opening the doorbell transformer. The drawer dildo scene at 15:55 was filmed on a different day at an entirely different location (back at the Manor House - see Manor House Part 3), and that was filmed as the end of our last day before Christmas. To get that pesky drawer to roll open on cue, we sneaked a small hole in the back panel of the dresser and I push in a rod at 16:51. First use of the 'Spin' animated watermark and an updated end card logo to reflect a minor rebrand brought in for 2020.


The Manor House refurbishment... 2

Published:   08/12/19
Runtime:   40:50
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   Inspection and testing, Site familiarisation
Fun facts:   After filming in the attic without a mask, I knew I'd be torn apart in the comments, so I asked Gaz at GSH Electrical to record me a little telling off. Final use of the 'Zoom' animated watermark. Oh, and Nige really is a Whoosh.


The Manor House refurbishment... 1

Published:   24/11/19
Runtime:   1:29:19
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   Inspection and testing, Site familiarisation
Fun facts:   Our first visit to the legendary Manor House and the first appearance of Hilary. I wanted a bottle of Blue Nun for the opening but Asda didn't have such, so Black Tower was used instead. First appearance of the Knob Shine mug, two of which I had made following the prior video. One went to James Beck where it appeared in his Big Rewire Part 4 upload at the 04:09 mark, the other stayed with me until the Summer of 2022 where it was given away as part of my Sack of Cack competition prize. This was won by Andy Payne who later apparently sent it on to Nick Bundy. This was also the first time I'd used a camera drone and, as you can tell, it is a cheap model. I thought we were scuppered when it got caught in that tree, but I was able to fly it back down. The following May, YT whacked me with a copyright claim over the music even though I'd obtained permission from the person who'd created it (ironically, they'd also been hit with the same claim!) It turns out they had given permission for a commercial company to use it subsequently, so a bunch of suits went and retrospectively sucked up the rights for wherever it had appeared before. Any adverts on this one are outside of my control and the proceeds go into some other fucker's pockets. We couldn't resist the ol' Blair Witch skit in the cellar.


Reviewing reviewers

Published:   27/10/19
Runtime:   23:40
Category:   Running the business
Technical content:   Review sites
Fun facts:   Starting in 2019, miscreant(s) began penning fake reviews on my Google and Trustpilot pages. It's not just me, this happens to a lot of small businesses, and such vandalism is welcomed by those platforms because, generally, the only way you can do anything about it is to pay for their services, in which case they may start policing submissions a little more diligently. On a free account though, you've got no hope, and even if the review is demonstrably nonsense or irrelevent, the time it takes to flag and report it, only for the response to be that it doesn't contravine any of their policies, means having a presence on these portals is only advantageous if you can attract such a high number of genuine reviews that they swamp the fakes. Fortunately, I hadn't collated many entries on either, so once I found how unhelpful they were, I decided to trash Trustpilot to make a point and to kill off Google entirely. The former was achieved by renaming it "Bumfluffers Knobshine" and to buy the domain bumfluffersknobshine.co.uk linked to a HTML page on this site promoting a dummy product to see how long it would be before anyone at TP noticed. As of December 2022, it remains active. Google normally don't allow you to kick them out of bed; indeed, I didn't even make my Google review page, they created it without my knowledge or consent. Many businesses end up on Google in this way whether their owners want it or not - and if it's attracting review vandals that Google won't do anything about, then many would rather have nothing to do with it. I was able to exploit a loophole however - Google has to show your business either with a physical premises on Maps, or a service area. A physical business premises must be dedicated as such; a home office doesn't count. As I run the business from home, I was able to get it removed as the entry they had created did not meet their own listing requirement. These days, the only site my business uses for collating reviews is Which? who manually verify the authenticity of each submission. This video contains an Easter egg of a mocked up Argos page and a customised one-off end title card. Demonetised by YouTube for reasons best known to them.


NTT - The Bosch PLL 360 laser level

Published:   24/10/19
Runtime:   31:44
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   Released on a Wednesday despite being the ninth entry in the NTT series. This thing was hopeless when used in anger out on site and was later replaced with a very expensive Bosch 360 laser that I never did make a review video about... which is a shame as that's a good bit o' kit... unlike this which is really pretty shit.


Tesla Wall Connector UK install

Published:   15/10/19
Runtime:   40:23
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   EV installaion and testing, Earth rod sinking
Fun facts:   Filmed on the same site as "On the job with THE Sam Smith!" Features use of the Utilifinder and Rolec EV ChargeCheck.


James, Nick & some other prick at the NEC!


(External link to the James Beck channel)

Published:   11/10/19
Runtime:   34:26
Category:   **DELISTED**
Technical content:   N/A
Fun facts:   James Beck found himself nominated for an award and received two additional VIP tickets issued by Fix Radio for the UK Construction Week event at the NEC in Birmingham, so he invited me and Nick Bundy along for the ride. I brought my trusty camera and made liberal use of the free bar when it (eventually) opened. I edited the video together and uploaded it for James to use on his channel where over three minutes of additional footage of his own was added on. The VIP thing was a bit of a blow out - whenever we ventured into a VIP area, some snotty tart would wander over and tell us to get out. We'd then flash our badges and have to put up with them glowering at us like we'd steal something if they dared to avert their angry gaze. I should also mention Fix Radio promised travel expenses but never coughed up for my train fare, the pizza Nick ordered for the three of us clocked in at thirty quid, the beer was a fiver a pint and James won fuck all! Instead Ricky Howell was a deserved winner and both he and Fat Sam were on site, although we didn't get chatting to them until the very end of the day.


Surge protection - a correction!

Published:   07/10/19
Runtime:   24:46
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Surge protection, Regulatory requirements, Right to reply
Fun facts:   A correction video to the prior one on surge protection which also addressed some queries, concerns and questions that video had raised.


Surge protection: A correction!
Published:   07/10/19
Runtime:   24:46
Category:   **DELISTED**
Technical content:   Surge protection, Regulatory requirements
Fun facts:   A rendering error in Movavi meant the display of my TIS MFT was not shown as a picture-in-picture as planned. I didn't notice during rendering and upload, it was only after the thing went live and attracted 1852 views did I spot the mistake. It was quickly taken down, the editor was given a DeWalt safety boot up the arse, and it went live again the same day (see next entry).


Exciting new SPD installation - with cock-up!

Published:   28/09/19
Runtime:   37:07
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Surge protection
Fun facts:   Filmed in the village of Northend, Warwickshire just as the channel sub count hit 10,000. I'd just done some filming for Scolmore too which is why I had one of their plastic cups, so I thought they might appreciate me scratching my junk while holding it at the opening of this one. They didn't. In this video, I moan that the Lewden board isn't laid out sensibly which makes it hard to work with, and crikey, I had soooo many comments about this from people telling me I could reverse the component layout or use a stepping drill to enlarge the hole above the main switch. Well no shit! The point I was trying to make was that this off-the-shelf product couldn't be used in an off-the-shelf way because the job of the installer hadn't been taken into account. Yes, I can modify the thing out on site, but it should really come out of the factory ready for use without such effort on my part! Fortunately, Lewden got the point and they called me to say they would be changing the layout.


Scope of Works and estimates

Published:   22/09/19
Runtime:   1:20:21
Category:   Running the business
Technical content:   Scope of works and estimate (pre-job) paperwork, Job tracking, YourTradeBase
Fun facts:   Annoyed one Saturday lunchtime that I had to go put together some paperwork for upcoming jobs, I figured I may as well film it and have a natter about such necessary tedium. I had various people ask me if they could have a copy of my SoW for their own use - some even offered to pay for it, but my paperwork is what sets me apart from my competitiors and I'm not about to release it into the wild. We won the job whose estimate was prepared here and, although we didn't film it, it went according to expectations and came in under estimate.


Today at ELEX2019

Published:   19/09/19
Runtime:   12:46
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Show bling!
Fun facts:   Filmed by Daughter #2. First use of my Rode wireless microphone for an end to audio arseholery (for the most part!)


On the job with THE Sam Smith!*

Published:   11/09/19
Runtime:   31:11
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   Maximum demand, Thermal damage
Fun facts:   First collaboration with builder Sam Smith. A spam call at 07:33 ends rudely (those scammy pricks at "PhoneHouse Company" are always cold calling me), although I was accused of racism by one commenter who said I'd been rude to them because they had an accent. Honestly, I'm rude to any attention thief who interrups my day with bullshit scams that aim to part me from my cash. We got a lot more footage from this site on another visit, but nothing came of that. This is the same site as the Tesla charger video which was published later in October.


On a domestic EICR

Published:   01/09/19
Runtime:   50:31
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Condition reporting, Insulation resistance, Earh fault loop readings, TT, Damaged cutout
Fun facts:   Recorded 27/08/19 on the outskirts of Wolston. First appearance of the Thinkpad laptop.


Tracing an RCD trip

Published:   22/08/19
Runtime:   17:08
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Insulation resistance
Fun facts:   Some prick reported me to GasSafe after this one which resulted in a bored sounding chap calling me up asking me not to remove boiler covers unless they showed instructions specifically stating it was okay. As far as I'm concerned, the electrical side of any boiler ought to be available to any electrican for basic fault finding, after all, you can't trust a gas twat to know (or have equipment for) finding if a fault is with the supply. Anyway, it went no further, and if it had, I'd have chewed off GasSafe's bollocks because something tripping the CU is my domain; it's up to the likes of them to ensure manufacturers demarcate where my professional responsibilies lie, it's not up to me to guess whether I can open covers or not to get to the bits I need to see to verify the supply! Eventually the fault was fixed when a gas ass part swapped the hell out of it until it no longer tripped. Fucking slow claps all round.


Insulation Resistance testing blarney

Published:   11/08/19
Runtime:   24:38
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Insulation Resistance, IR testing of SPD and electronic devices, PAT testing
Fun facts:   At the end of this video, I big up James Beck's channel and a little known chap by the name of Nick Bundy. James still has an active channel, but I don't know if that Bundy fellow ever made anything of YouTube. An example of a video with few assets - just two: a script and a description. Not even a custom thumbnail in those days.


EICR failure site - righting the wrongs

Published:   03/08/19
Runtime:   24:48
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding, Bad workmanship, Consumer Unit change, Review of CP Fusebox equipment
Fun facts:   A follow up to "EICR FAIL- Maximum demand" from March, this is a first view of the then new-brand CP Fusebox and the first surge protected CU we'd shown going on the wall.


SH!T CHAT: The Klein Tough Box Cooler

Published:   02/08/19
Runtime:   08:16
Category:   SH!T CHAT!
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   I'm not even sure the Klein Tough Box Cooler was ever sold in the UK, so I suspect this was a marketing item Klein US sent over to SuperRod, their UK distributor... and after they kicked it around the office for a bit, they gave it to me. Filmed in my back garden on a lovely Friday afternoon.


Client says I'm too pricey...

Published:   18/07/19
Runtime:   16:46
Category:   Running the business
Technical content:   Pricing
Fun facts:   Recorded with a new stereo microphone setup... that meant only one channel had audio, so if listening through headphones, I only come in your right ear! These mics later proved unreliable and they got ditched for the Rode.


NTT - The Klein 55452RTB rolling toolbag

Published:   09/07/19
Runtime:   12:26
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   Eighth addition to the NTT series and this time not a freebie. My modelling at 09:55 was filmed at the same location as our "Uncocking cack garden electrics" video had been, while 10:07 onwards was recorded on a different site in Claverdon on a day when I had horrendous hayfever. The first use of our cheap wireless microphones, and they weren't too successful. Again, our acting prowess comes to the fore and to this day we meet people who really do believe Nigel took a shit in this thing!


A quick second-fix follow up!

Published:   02/07/19
Runtime:   04:05
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   Second fix
Fun facts:   Filmed at the same site as "Wall chasing and box sinking" and the first time we addressed a comments detractor by calling them a prick.


NTT - Nanoleaf colour panels

Published:   18/06/19
Runtime:   14:42
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   These still adorn my living room and office walls and I've since added a third set in the office. A rare and brief appearance of the lesser spotted bloody wife is at the 0:54 mark as I spin my camera around. While at the event on day one, I asked Nanoleaf how many kits they'd brought along to sell and was told 150, to which I said it wouldn't be enough - these were clearly going to shift like hot cakes. Sure enough, they were out of stock for day two.


Failed sensor light repair

Published:   16/06/19
Runtime:   22:48
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Electronic repair
Fun facts:   A client had bought this light for himself and placed it on the wall, however it wasn't suited for the purpose, so I replaced it. Following repair, it ended up on the back of my mother's house. She has since reported it has failed again, but I haven't been out to take a look. She might have to call someone else in! The intro and outro show the Nanoleaf panels which are the subject of the next video.


Wall chasing and box sinking

Published:   14/06/19
Runtime:   14:13
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   Mechanical installation (first fix), Box sinker, Wall Chaser, SDS, Laser levelling
Fun facts:   The first video with in-van content as well as showing our storage unit. The audio was pretty poor on this one. The end gag used a foam crowbar and I had bubble wrap stuffed under my McHat. Even so, Nige was reluctant to wallop me (for some reason) and several takes were required to make it look like he'd hit me hard enough.


NTT- The Netatmo Presence camera light

Published:   04/06/19
Runtime:   23:05
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review, Smart tech
Fun facts:   The sixth entry in the NTT library features another freebie, this time supplied to me by CEF. A rant on smart home equipment refers to this blog post. At 07:39 the Makita PintPouch can be seen in action. The only video with a postscript after the end card.


Interesting Irish Innovations


Published:   30/05/19
Runtime:   08:11
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   A follow-up to "The Garo shower priority unit" from March, this shows their metalclad model which Garo kindly sent me for review. Also discussed is T&E with sleeved CPC sourced from Meteor Electrical in Northern Ireland. Meteor did once approach me about sponsored content, but I didn't want to get into all that malarkey.


CEF Live! ..and a wholesale natter

Published:   22/05/19
Runtime:   12:52
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Wholesalers
Fun facts:   I do like a trade event, although this video shows nothing of CEF Live and is a yapfest on why I happen to use the wholesalers I do.


NTT- The TIS859 Voltage Detector

Published:   07/05/19
Runtime:   18:09
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review, Voltage Indicators, GS38, Electric field detection
Fun facts:   Fifth in the NTT series, this instument was kindly donated by TIS. The test rig is again used with the addition of a new meter in place of the mock one shown in previous videos. The 'shock' at 18:08 was of course fake as the rig had been isolated upstream.


Botchery, line tracing & core drilling

Published:   06/05/19
Runtime:   21:39
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   Poor workmanship, Use of a cable tracer, Core drilling
Fun facts:   I got a few comments for omitting ear protection when core drilling which is fair enough (I usually don the ear protectors when performing such). There were two guys present in a Clarkson Evans van who promptly darted off when we appeared. CE usually specialise in new builds, so we think they'd been on a bit of a foreigner. Whether they were responsible for the cack workmanship is another question.


Insulation resistance and RCDs

Published:   28/04/19
Runtime:   14:28
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Insulation Resistance, RCD tripping, Resistances in parallel
Fun facts:   Opens with Special Brew, like all good videos should. Shows how resistances in parallel can bring down an RCD protecting multiple circuits and was based on a real-world fault Nige and I had just attended off the Fosse Way.


When an RCBO... isn't...

Published:   25/04/19
Runtime:   08:03
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   OCPD ratings, Double-width RCBOs
Fun facts:   Filmed at a house on Queens Square, Wawick. Some commentors stated the double-width form was a dead giveaway at this device being an RCD rather than an RCBO, however this is a valid form factor, albeit a rare one in the UK, and it can be seen in RCBO form my Garo videos.


SWA splicin' and SELV garden lighting

Published:   23/04/19
Runtime:   17:30
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   SWA jointing, SELV exterior lighting
Fun facts:   Filmed in Combrook while I was in a stinker of a mood, although I can't remember what had caused that.


Uncocking cack garden electrics

Published:   13/04/19
Runtime:   25:41
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Insulation Resistance, Bad workmanship
Fun facts:   At the time of writing, December 2022, this is the most popular video for views, yet it was also one that drew a lot of critisism when released. I think The Algorithm farmed it out to more people than previous entries, so the view count shot up along with the critical comments either from those who weren't used to the direction this channel was going in (as they hadn't seen prior content), or those who liked to yell at any spark showing online work. The trouble with fault videos is they attract people who always say they'd simply "rip it all out and start again" instead of trying to bring something back into service. Well, that's bollocks; you can't run a business by insisting everything must always be started again from scratch. Sure, the workmanship on this one is bad, but it is possible for us to get some elements back into action without exposing the homeowner to danger.


NTT- The Ferret WiFi inspection rod camera

Published:   09/04/19
Runtime:   23:51
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   The fourth NTT video again was down to donated hardware from SuperRod. The toolbox sabotage was, of course, staged and was an old one of mine filled with scrap tools Nige and I had contributed to the cause. Mainly recorded at a house on Kinross Road in Lillington, the exterior scene of our escape from the builder at the end was filmed on a different day ten miles away in Claverdon. The builder's voice on the phone twenty minutes in is my own, run through a filter or two and overdubbed in the edit. In a testament to my acting skills, some people gave shouty comments on how out of order I'd been by bollocksing another trades tools! Take this one for example: "Huh, I’m an electrician and I don’t care what the f**k happens on a site you never mess with another mans way to make a living for his family. If you have a problem be a man and go confront him face to face. If you were dealing with anyone I know you would have to anyhow when they come knock your teeth out. I hope he comes and destroys your work van you weasel." - Brilliant!


NTT- The Deep Ultrasound Penetration Echolocator

Published:   01/04/19
Runtime:   08:29
Category:   Vapourware
Technical content:   April Fool
Fun facts:   The second April Fool video which, like the first, appears in the Vapourware catagory despite masquerading as a NTT video. The device shown is actually an 'action camera' such as you'd attach to the handlebars of a bicycle, but the video output it saves to an SD card is hopeless. The PC application shown is actually just a bunch of slides knocked up in GIMP. The domain holologicscancraft.uk was bought specially and redirects to an April Fool page on this website.


NTT- The Klein ET910 USB tester

Published:   19/03/19
Runtime:   16:04
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   Third instalment in the NTT series and again a contribution from SuperRod. Shows the original test rig still with the 'fake' meter (a repurposed central heating controller).


The Garo shower priority unit

Published:   17/03/19
Runtime:   13:49
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review, Load shedding, Metal and plastic consumer units
Fun facts:   I first installed one of these in 2014 as detailed in this blog article. This might be a boast, but I credit this video with opening up this product to a wider UK audience as I previously had to source such a thing from Northern Ireland, however Garo contacted me after seeing a jump in queries coming from the mainland after publication, and were kind enough to send me a metal model that was shown in the "Interesting Irish Innovations" video published a couple of months later. Garo now have a much larger presence, regularly exhibit at shows such as ELEX and their wares can be sourced more locally through the likes of CEF. They also started marketing this device directly at the EV market rather than just for shower sharing. On 05/06/23, this video was targeted by an anonymous troll asshole reporting a copyright violation. YouTube pulled the plug and gave the prick ten days to prove they legally owned the content. It's just me talking to camera, so the claim's clearly bogus, nonetheless, everyone has to go through the tedious motions all thanks to YouTube (and, more widely, Google) allowing anyone to file a claim from any account without verifying that account is tracable back to a real person. It's busted, the same as their review platform. It was only after the claim was rejected via manual intervention did YouTube furnish me with the details. The claimant, going by the name of Hjnnn Jjiioii with an email address of This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., stated their 3D model of this equipment had been used throughout the presentation and without their permission. That's nonsense of course, but it knocked the video off-channel for 24 hours until someone at YT saw the claim was a turd and flushed it right around the ruddy U-bend. Unfortunately, that temporary deletion also meant permanent removal of all the comments. That's a shame as the comments provide feedback, corrections and additional information built up over time. They act as a counterpart and further resource to the source matter, and may be of great interest to others. This was a mindless act of deliberate vandalism against my channel and its valued viewers, one which YouTube allows to happen far too easily.


NTT- The QuikReel cable dispenser

Published:   12/03/19
Runtime:   05:01
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   This item was kindly supplied to me by SuperRod. The second New Toy Tuesday, the first being "Klein CL3200A and other clamp meters" from August 2018, but this was the first to be titled as such with the intention of making it a more regular feature. Up to 2:17 was filmed at Phil the Fucking Plumber's house (same place as his hot tub was installed in our 2020 video), while up to 3:15 was at the same site as the previous video in Stratford-upon-Avon.

EICR FAIL- Maximum demand

Published:   08/03/19
Runtime:   19:08
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Condition reporting, Bad workmanship, Maximum demand, Earth leakage
Fun facts:   Filmed in Stratford-upon-Avon. First appearance of the TIS clamp accessory in action. A follow-up video, "EICR failure site - righting the wrongs" was uploaded in August.


Cashing in the copper

Published:   03/03/19
Runtime:   06:10
Category:   Running the business
Technical content:   Copper recycling, Waste carrier licensing
Fun facts:   Filmed just after my visit to Tresham College where I met Gaz and Joe (note the GSH mug Gaz gave me in the opening). Mercia Metals shown at the 3:00 mark is now gone, but my recycling services is now provided at the kerbside, something that may be shown in a 2023 video. The PornHub screen was just a mock-up (honest!)


Ultimate Electrician's Toolbox

Published:   24/02/19
Runtime:   18:47
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   With the MFT Pro now firmly in favour, I wanted to include it in my primary toolbox, but my previous Stanley case was too small to accommodate it, hence the purchase of its bigger brother. And so, despite a toolbox tour video being released just a few weeks earlier, it was time once again to show off the new bling. The thumbnail and opening refer to 2001, A Space Odyssey.


The Van Tour 2019!

Published:   23/02/19
Runtime:   14:53
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Tour
Fun facts:   Like toolbox tours, van tours were a popular thing at that time. Features some pics of our boi Dior in footballing action.


MFT PRO Firmware Update

Published:   21/02/19
Runtime:   03:35
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   MFT Pro firmware update
Fun facts:   After my somewhat sneery review in "The TIS MFT Pro tester" video the previous October, I decided to blow the dust off the thing on this date in February and take it out on the van to have a bit more of a field test. We stopped by SRM, a wholesaler we visit infrequently as they're at the wrong end of town, to find Neil the TIS rep showing off his goodies. He recognised me from my video and I pointed out that I didn't say I didn't like the instrument, but I felt the low limit on the resistance function, 99.9 Ohms being the maximum, was a disappointment and kept it from seeing action. Neil told me he could address that there and then with a firmware update, so it was a hell of a coincidence that after four months of ownership, I'd just happened to sling it on the van for the first time that very morning as I didn't know Neil would be at SRM that day. Neil's update boosted the resistance to 1999 Ohm which instantly made the Pro a viable option for everyday use. Feeling guilty that I had a video out there that was now putting in an out-of-date boot, I immediately pushed out this update. The MFT Pro soon became my toolbox tester of choice as revealed two videos hence in "Ultimate Electrician's Toolbox". Oh, and in this video I wanted a 'breaking news' banner but couldn't work out how to do it in Movavi, so using GIMP I made one by hand via 68 separate slides which I bolted together as a GIF animation! That took over an hour to make! These days, PowerDirector (my current editor) would spit that out in seconds!


Playing Fortnite (badly)

Published:   09/02/19
Runtime:   14:41
Category:   N/A
Technical content:   N/A
Fun facts:   Crikey, another unpopular video, but maybe that's not too surprising. As I got comfortable with Movavi, my new editing software, I wanted to try several effects including chroma key, image overlay, picture-in-picture, animation and screen capture, so what better way than to prat about with a bit of Fortnite? First use of the 'Zoom' animated watermark.


Tamlite LED floodlight review *new model*

Published:   03/02/19
Runtime:   15:21
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   The first video to be edited using Movavi on a PC instead of iMovie on a Mac which is why there is a change in the opening title, and the first where a nice, clean McHat was sported! Daughter #1 used to work at Maccy's and retained the uniform when she left. I needed a hat and, well, there you have it. This video follows up "Failed LED floodlights (again)" from the previous November and came about when Xcite saw me sticking my hoof into their wares. They sent me this, their new and improved model, with promises of the IP rating being up to the numbers. The model they sent me got bolted onto a garage in Claverdon and, as of late 2022, is still doing the business.


The SumUp 3G credit card terminal

Published:   19/01/19
Runtime:   13:44
Category:   Running the business
Technical content:   Electronic and card payment services for the small business, Review
Fun facts:   An example of a blog post influencing video content, I'd already written about my woes with Nochex and PayPal back in 2017, so when I picked up this new card reader in 2019 I was able to draw on that to futher stick the boot up the arse of those dogs. This was the final video to be edited in iMovie.


Toolbox Tour 3 of 3

Published:   06/01/19
Runtime:   13:44
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   The third and final part of the Toolbox Tour collection shows the Ryobi power tools I was sporting at the time before I later changed out to Makita (who I don't rate BTW).


Toolbox Tour 2 of 3

Published:   01/01/19
Runtime:   23:58
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   Toolbox tours were all the rage at this time; everyone seemed to be showing the contents of their cases! This was part two of a three-part series.



Five lesser known tools


Published:   22/12/18
Runtime:   12:44
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   A little cynical this one as I'd just opened an Amazon storefront and figured showing some useful but lesser known tools would allow me to set up some affiliate links. Still, nobody's forcing anyone to click 'em! The first video to use profane language.


Toolbox Tour 1 of 3

Published:   15/12/18
Runtime:   15:00
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   A re-review of the Fluke case to supersede the October 2016 video on the same subject. First in a three-parter.


Failed LED floodlights (again)

Published:   21/11/18
Runtime:   16:40
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Disassembly and repair
Fun facts:   I've been let down by various brands of LED floodlight that fail to live up to their claimed IP rating, but I didn't expect Xcite to be one of those who would dissappoint so soon after their products went onto the wall. You expect wholesalers to provide robust kit, unlike perhaps general hardware stores and internet souks such as Amazon and thiefBay. A follow-up video to this, "Tamlite LED floodlight review *new model*" came out in February 2019.


The TIS MFT Pro tester

Published:   28/10/18
Runtime:   53:39
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   Despite already having a Megger, Fluke and Metrel under my belt, I saw this model and figured it would be another one to get an early exclusive on as there wasn't much being said about it. I forked over five hundred quid at CEX for this one which appeared unused. I was a bit sniffy about it, and it's unfortunate that the first job I happened to try it out on was an underfloor heat mat which had a higher resistance than this thing could read on its firmware at that time. Afterwards, it sat around for four months before I figured I'd take it back out on the van which worked out as an amazing coincidence (see the video "MFT Pro Firmware Update" from February 2019). Once I did start using it in anger, I found I rather liked it. TIS have since been one of the few supporters of this channel, not financially, but they have provided other hardware for review in future videos.


The SY2-D surge protector (SPD)

Published:   30/09/18
Runtime:   21:52
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Surge protection regulation changes in 18th Edition
Fun facts:   This one cemented the irreverent tone with a fart sound at 07:52 and swigging from a bottle of whisky. The assumption was it would be fellow electricians rather than potential clients who'd be tuning in, so why not lower the tone a little? The script was sanitised and repurposed along with the slides as a website article. The beanie hat had been sent to me by NICEIC with a nice note saying they liked my YT content. I bet they don't still think that now...


Curious fault #1

Published:   15/09/18
Runtime:   12:55
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   RCD trip through diverted neutral current
Fun facts:   This one had me scratching my head for a while, I don't mind admitting. I figured it was down to a N-PE fault and diverted neutral current from neighbouring properties, but I lacked the confidence to say it outright on camera in case I was barking up the wrong tree. We filmed a 'proper' video about neutral current in December '21, see "Much ado about neutral trippery". I badmouthed NAPIT a little which, had it been scripted, I would have phrased better, but that got a few people's backs up. An edit to the description attempted to clear it up, but my fall out with NAPIT is detailed in this blog article.


The TIS1040 'magic wand'

Published:   10/09/18
Runtime:   17:06
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   Being a salesman's dream, I bumped into Neil from TIS who was exhibiting his wares at my local CEF one day and who proceeded to sell me various bits of kit I didn't know I needed including this thing. It's an interesting item, but largely useless. It was slung into my drawer-of-tools-I-don't-use after this video, and there it remains.


Cautionary conduit concerns!

Published:   12/08/18
Runtime:   13:23
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   I was caught out on a very frustrating job where every time I tried to shape the PVC conduit I'd picked up at Screwfix, it would snap or deform despite being sold as 'heavy gauge'. One to tell the wider world about perhaps? The PC display at the end is running SETI and looking for little green men. The assumption was that the audience would be peers rather than potential customers, so the tone was light and the boozing heavier. This is perhaps the first video to adopt a more irreverant approach that influenced future videos.


The Arc Fault Detection Device (AFDD)

Published:   17/07/18
Runtime:   25:30
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Arc Fault Detection Devices, Switch arcing and bouncing, Crabtree Starbreaker
Fun facts:   Following on from the previous video, a more sober opening was quickly bolted on to this one which then went out to the world. I knew Arc Fault Detection Devices were to be the next big noise in the industry, and I wasn't able to find much about them at this time; the only other UK video on YouTube being Gaz at GSH Electrical talking to a chap in a wholesaler. I figured I'd try and get an early march on the subject, so I asked Eaton, Schneider and Electrium on Twitter if they would talk turkey with me, and only Electrium responded. They kindly sent a chap to my house armed with a Starbreaker CU and a dual-module AFDD he was prepared to leave with me for some sparky playtime antics. He also showed me a new single module unit they were working on, but he wouldn't let me take any pictures at that time as it was hush-hush! The Lego model seemed a good way to simulate a loose connection, but after hours of attempts on a hot July day, I just couldn't get the thing to actuate. In the end, only adding salt water would demonstrate operation. This was overcome in a November 2020 video, see "The Arc Fault Detection Device... again". Two follow-up videos were produced in late 2020, but Electrium didn't want anything to do with me by then as my later output is all less marketing friendly!


The Arc Fault Detection Device
Published:   16/07/18
Runtime:   26:49
Category:   **DELISTED**
Technical content:   Arc Fault Detection Devices, Switch arcing and bouncing, Crabtree Starbreaker
Fun facts:   Superseded by the following video which has a more-to-the-point opening after one person complained. Yes, one person. And it wasn't even a complaint, it mearly read "Interesting content, have to say I would personally enjoy your posts without the trying to be funny antics but that's purely a subjective comment. Thanks for posting anyway, very well explained." - goodness knows I've had worse critisism! Anyway, for some reason I blinked, something that wouldn't happen these days with my thicker skin, so I re-edited the opening and reuploaded it the next day. That meant the initial view count and comments were lost which was a shame. It also pissed off my kids as Daughter #2 had produced artwork and Daughter #1 music for an opening that the world would never now see or hear! I think my collapse of confidence was down to the fact this was the first video to attempt some light hearted scripted humour and I was nervous that world + dog might not be amused, so it didn't take much for me to pull the plug.


18th Edition regulation changes

Published:   08/07/18
Runtime:   24:02
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Fun facts:   The first video to feature artwork by Daughter #2 who was later employed to produce thumbnail and marketing art. A slightly cheekier presentation as it was assumed fellow sparks, rather than potential clients, would be the audience. The title card at the end was updated to display the new company logo.


The Voltage Operated Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker

Published:   09/06/18
Runtime:   09:59
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Voltage Operated Earth Leakage Circuit Breaker
Fun facts:   The first video to use multiple technical slides and the first whose script and visual aids were repurposed to produce a self-contained website article. Previously, content had been created for this website first, now content was being made for video and only later appearing as written features. The first video to use the new-for-2018 company logo which appears on the slides.


The Quickwire Switch & Load

Published:   20/05/18
Runtime:   12:06
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review, 3-plate lighting wiring
Fun facts:   This relates to a problem discussed in this website article. I had a cold while filming this which isn't great on the audio and caused some complaints. Quickwire themselves were impressed with this review when they came across it post publication and kindly sent me a thank you note and a couple of boxes of their products. I still use these things, along with other Quickwire gear..


EE Buzzard 2 USB converter

Published:   04/05/18
Runtime:   09:47
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   The first video to show Carlsberg, my pisswater of preference! Another with a low view-count as it's just not something many people would be bothered with.


Safe isolation procedure

Published:   24/04/18
Runtime:   23:44
Category:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Technical content:   Safe isolation, GS38, Voltage indicators, EAWR
Fun facts:   Another from the square-hair brigade, i.e., informative & professional in its presentation and a combover Bobby Charlton would have been proud of.


Threats from the competition!
Published:   23/04/18
Runtime:   10:26
Category:   **DELISTED**
Technical content:   N/A
Fun facts:   I lost out on a kitchen job I'd quoted for to a local rival, which is okay, it happens, but later in the year we were called in after the homeowner had fallen out with this other party. The standard of workmanship they'd put in was terrible and inspired a blog article which listed the problems in detail. Although the blog didn't name names, it didn't leave much to the imagination, and a bit of sluething from interested parties could have identified which firm was doing duff work. A while later, we were working on another site when one of the chaps from this two-man outfit pulled up in passing and told Nige, who happened to be out by our van, that he had seen the article I'd authored and was willing to engage in fisticuffs (he may have phrased things differently). He drove off before I came out and, unwilling to be threatened in absentia, I pointed the video camera my way that afternoon and proceeded to call him up on the phone. I then recorded a ribled conversation where threats were made both ways and proceeded to stick it up on YouTube where it was seen by various locals and wholesalers as word quickly got around. After sleeping on it, I figured this wasn't a great thing to do, and I pulled the video after 24 hours and 252 views. One of those views was obviously from the gentleman himself as he called me back, this time to apologise for his conduct. I too apologised for mine and assured him I wasn't on a witch hunt. I redrafted the blog post to remove any references that may have identified his company, although I left the cut and thrust of the article in place, after all, it's valid reporting. Some will say it's not my place to police the workmanship of others and I'm out of order, others would argue I'm not doing enough and should name & shame rogue operators so that the public don't get their pants pulled down. I think the balance here is about right - show the world what bad workmanship looks like, how a reputable contractor can be selected and what standard a client should expect from a professional. I'm not proud of this one and it will remain delisted, but I will fight my corner if push comes to shove. We've bumped into each other in the wholesaler since and exchanged knowing nods without anything more. As of 2022, I think they might be out of business as I haven't seen their van for a while now and their web presence seems to have disappeared.


17th and (probably) 18th Edition electrical exam tips!

Published:   08/04/18
Runtime:   18:42
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Rules n' regs, changes, updates and events!
Fun facts:   The child shown at 2:00 is Daughter #2 'graduating' from nursery in 2008. She now does all the artwork for the thumbnails! The first video to introduce a more sarcastic tone, slightly coarser language and berating of organisations such as IET. The second to show alcohol.


The electrical analyst probe

Published:   01/04/18
Runtime:   06:16
Category:   Vapourware
Technical content:   April Fool
Fun facts:   The first April Fool video for the new Vapourware category, the idea was conceived late 2017 (hence the Christmas tree at the beginning). Originally, I was just going to do it as a still image on Twitter, but I went the whole hog and prepared various visual aids as a full-blown video for the 'Tube. The gadget itself was a Hager MCB whose guts had been replaced by a 555 timer to make a green LED flash when 5V was applied via the USB port shoehorned into the front. The pictorial images were knocked up as slides in GIMP and imported into PowerPoint. When I'm holding up the laptop, what you can't see is me pressing a mouse button off-camera to advance the slides. The 'software' is Easycert, but in high contrast mode to disguise it. The domain holologicscancraft.uk was purchased especially and points to the April Fool page on this website.


Brackenheath iSpot (not so) RGB lamp

Published:   21/03/18
Runtime:   06:46
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   Another one with a pitiful view count, but that's not too surprising as this lighting product was short lived at Screwfix. I liked the form factor and I'd bought it to use as an ambient background light in videos, so I was rather disappointed that it simply didn't work.


Klein CL3200A and other clamp meters

Published:   06/03/18
Runtime:   30:47
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   The first New Toy Tuesday... although not labelled as such because NTT only became a thing in its own right later on. This instrument was bought on a whim after Nige and I were caught short on a ventilation job where we suspected a duff capacitor but lacked the means to test such on site. More about that can be seen in 'Fan faultfinding, fixing and fidgeting' four years later when we were called back to the same site for a failed motor.


Insulation resistance and 10kV

Published:   04/03/18
Runtime:   22:42
Category:   Inspection, testing & faultfinding
Technical content:   Insulation resistance
Fun facts:   First appearance of my 10kV Jacob's ladder which I'd built over yen years earlier and the first video to use a custom built prop to illustrate the topic (a poorly terminated downlight with damaged cable insulation).


Inside a supplier's cut-out

Published:   27/02/18
Runtime:   09:09
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Supplier cut-out, DNOs, Fuse pulling
Fun facts:   The first appearance of the test rig which uses mainly scavenged parts to present a socket ring, radial and lighting circuit. The cut-out was rescued from a skip on a demolition job. I didn't have an electric meter to add to the display, so I repurposed an old central heating controller (the tails simply loop in and out of it without connecting to anything). That caused some confusion with people who recognised what it really was as opposed to what it was supposed to represent, so I later forked out for a bona fide mechanical meter knowing that as soon as I did so, a job would come up where one was being pulled out that I could have for free (sod's law, it did). The CU enclosure is one that CEF were chucking out. The first video to be fully scripted. At this time, the idea behind the presentation was to promote a professional image so that potential customers would figure I was the guy to hire. As great as this website may be for content, putting a face to the name and seeing that I at least appear to know what I'm talking about should inspire confidence in local clients!


Brother E550W Electrician's label printer

Published:   04/02/18
Runtime:   23:45
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   Another popular video with an international audience, I picked this thing up at the Coventry ELEX show the previous September and was impressed enough to tell the world about it.



LTECH DX8 RGB controller


Published:   30/12/17
Runtime:   06:52
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   The final video of 2017 was more of a 'what can I possibly put out on YouTube' idea, and the controller from the RGB video I'd uploaded in the summer was staring me in the face, so there you go. Actually, this was borne out of necessity as there was little instruction that came with the thing. I'd raised a technical query with my supplier about its operation and it was clear they didn't know much. Not one for a big audience, more for my own reference and to provide operating instructions for anyone else who has one.


Metrel MI3100S Multifunction Tester

Published:   29/12/17
Runtime:   26:13
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   In September 2017, I attended the ELEX show in Coventry where Metrel were showing off the MI3100s and the MI3152 which is the more expensive touchscreen model. I was in the market for buying a new tester, previous instruments all having been second-hand and lacking certain functions. One of the reasons I went for the Metrel was with YouTube in mind, as some searching around on the internet failed to yield much in terms of reviews. I figured if nobody else had done one, it wouldn't be a bad idea to put it through its paces myself as a bit of an exclusive. As of 2022, this remains my favourite tester because of its straightforward controls, clear display, good battery life and rich function list. Metrel later loaned me an MI3125 as I think they got some good marketing out of us showing this thing doing the business out in the world and, to date, they haven't asked for it back! The first video to start with an on-screen title and date; all standard future videos would have such.


Megger MTB7671/2 Check Calibration Tester hands-on

Published:   01/10/17
Runtime:   23:15
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   When Dior came on board as my first technical employee, it became clear two MFTs would be needed (see next video). I'd also recently switched from NAPIT to NICEIC, and they wanted to see a calibration log to ensure any MFT(s) in use were recording the right readings. I diligently drew up a company procedure for running our testers through their paces and forked out for the Megger checkbox. The glass of wine in this one perhaps marks the start of standards slipping!


RGB ambient room mood edge lighting

Published:   18/06/17
Runtime:   08:40
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   RGB lighting
Fun facts:   These days, a bespoke project such as this would be filmed throughout, but back in 2017 this was a half-hearted recording made more for marketing than technical explanation, instead the crunchy stuff was reserved for a written article on this website. A successful project, I later expanded it into the dining room and kitchen. Sadly, I fell out with JMK - the building firm mentioned - after they started messing me around with payments on a couple of later jobs. They've since ceased trading which is a shame as they did lovely work.


Wago and fake Wago connectors

Published:   27/05/17
Runtime:   11:42
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Maintenance free junction connectors
Fun facts:   Like the smoke alarm video, this was another that took off rather unexpectedly with an international audience. I got a lot of stick from sparks in other countries whose wiring regulations don't permit inaccessible junctions, but BS7671 does for us Brits - although certain critera must be met. This was the first example of a video spawning a blog article on this website; previously it had always happened the other way around, but the feedback and critisism post upload was used to write a follow-up a few months later that I could point my detractors to. The first video to use a slide in the presentation.


Do you accept PayPal?

Published:   02/03/17
Runtime:   0:06
Category:   N/A
Technical content:   N/A
Fun facts:   Filmed for a blog article rather than as a standalone YouTube video; I'd had terrible trouble with payment processing firms Nochex and PayPal. To this day, I refuse to ever use PayPal for anything. More can be gleaned from my 2019 video reviewing the SumUp 3G card reader.



Stop your smoke alarm sounding while cooking

Published:   19/11/16
Runtime:   06:26
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Optical and ionisation smoke alarms
Fun facts:   This video best reflects my naivety of YouTube as it's an example of something I fully expected to attract only a small and local audience, made as it was really only for the residents of a new housing estate built next to where I live. In those new houses, ionisation rather than optical smoke alarms had been installed in the open plan kitchen/living areas which was resulting in call outs about nuisance alarms. A simple change from one to the other would solve the problem; I just needed to inform the residents who were moving in. This video was made as a way to do that and to advertise my business to the same, after all, people moving into new homes often want work doing such as decorative lighting putting up, additional sockets adding, exterior lighting etc. Far from being something for a narrow and local audience, it became apparent that viewers from around the world were interested in solving the same problem, and by late 2022, it was one of the most popular videos I'd uploaded with over 111,000 international views. It was this video which made me realise YouTube offered a bigger audience and that people were interested in content on day-to-day electrical shenanigans. These days, ionisation alarms are being phased out, at least in the UK, so optical is the new entry point which means this video should have peaked. Recorded one Saturday night while the wife was watching Strictly, the "Sack Dior" writing on the whiteboard was of course an Easter egg.


Converting garden lighting to SELV

Published:   09/10/16
Runtime:   06:21
Category:   First/Second Fix & jobbing work
Technical content:   SELV exterior lighting
Fun facts:   I rate these Saxby bollard lights, and six years later this still looks good in the garden. Installation was planned to be performed with Dior who had just joined me as my first non-admin employee, but when the day came he wasn't around for whatever reason and I did it all myself. It's a damn shame Dior never featured in any videos (he'd left by the time we started taking YouTube seriously) as I've always maintained that if Dior were still on the team, we'd have a subscriber count up there with the top chaps as he was an affable, humourous and good looking fellow who would have pulled in the numbers better than a couple of old fart white guys ever could!


Megger and Fluke cases

Published:   02/10/16
Runtime:   03:38
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   This one features terrible audio that make your ears weep urine as I was still filming on my iPad without any external microphone, something that was still acceptable at that time on YouTube although production values across the board have long since been raised and a production like this would sink like a stone these days. Daughter #1 appears at the start in her dressing gown which she wasn't too impressed about!


NICEIC and David Savery Electrical Services Ltd.

Published:   03/09/16
Runtime:   0:36
Category:   Running the business
Technical content:   N/A
Fun facts:   Back in 2016, NICEIC had the clever idea of lifting sixty quid from member's wallets in a marketing campaign whereby they would make a short video and, by submitting a logo and contact details, they would customise the end for you. I don't know how many members ponied up for it, and I only did so because I was dabbling with YouTube and figured it would be interesting to put on there and on this website.


My illuminated van signs at dusk

Published:   04/08/16
Runtime:   00:32
Category:   Running the business
Technical content:   N/A
Fun facts:   Another video used to complement an article on this website about how I installed illuminated livery on my VW T5. This was fairly short lived as I got rid of this van six months later. As of 2022, DVLA says it's still on the road, albeit now grey in colour. The chap who bought it said he was going to convert it into a camper. Personally, I don't see why people go bandy over the VW's - my Transit is a much better, more reliable and more comfortable van than this thing ever was. The illuminated livery project was resurrected in 2022 for the Transit, but it didn't go well and, as of the end of that year, no video or articles have yet been produced to document it.


Modo LED lamp dimming... again

Published:   29/07/16
Runtime:   05:13
Category:   N/A
Technical content:   Advice
Fun facts:   A follow-up to the video below, this time in a kitchen in Leamington and second to bottom in the view count as of December 2022.


Megaman Modo LED lamp curious dimming trick

Published:   18/07/16
Runtime:   01:30
Category:   N/A
Technical content:   Advice
Fun facts:   Probably irrelevent these days, but this video went hand-in-hand with a tip article on this website and came about when I switched to the Modo range of LED GU10s only to fnd they didn't play well with existing dimmers. Manufacturers were slow to come out with proper LED dimmers, and the old triac models that had been designed for use with incandescent lamps didn't provide the kind of output that played well with the new technology. It turned out that changing just one Modo for a different model of lamp retailed by Screwfix would solve the problem, the Screwfix lamp having some characteristic that influenced a typical dimmer output for the benefit of all the lamps. This was filmed at the house of a chap we nicknamed Jesus Christ as he was a well mannered and good looking carpenter who lived with his missus in a idyllic house out in the sticks surrouned by nature. I'm sure if he sat out in the summer sun, the birds would land on him and deer would approach to eat out of his hand.


The colour switch lamp

Published:   14/07/16
Runtime:   11:01
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   Colour switching is now pretty commonplace on integrated LED fittings, but this was the first example I'd come across and was built into a GU10 lamp. I've said before, most recently in the Prats in a Flat video from late 2022, that I'm not a fan of this as it packs the product with more technology that may not be used. If a client wants warm white, then you're paying for a bunch of cool white LEDs to sit there doing nothing, and vice versa. It's wasteful of resources, and in most cases the client knows what colour they want or they just want it to be the same as their old lighting. The worst case for us would be a client who changes their mind after the fact, but you simply change their lamps and use the ones taken out on another job. I never did find an applicaion for this particular lamp, and six years later it still resides in its packet in a dusty drawer! The first video to end on a custom title card and the least popular in the public collection, it being the only one still on a three-digit view count as late as December 2022.


Timeguard LED floodlights for the win!

Published:   11/07/16
Runtime:   06:23
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   The original intention of these videos was to bolster the written blog and advice articles on this website. The website was considered the ultimate destination for traffic, and if YouTube could send a few potential customers this way then so much the better. As such, this video was spawned from a blog article which went live a month earlier. It seems rare that a manufacturer considers installers, but Timeguard went out of their way to do so and deserved to be shouted about.


Failed Floodlight Fault Finding

Published:   10/07/16
Runtime:   15:28
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Disassembly and repair
Fun facts:   This one was almost *almost* opened with a profanity, but back then I resisted such as I was still aiming for a professional reputation as opposed to that of the manic foul-mouthed alcoholic which later videos displayed. A second ad-hoc workbench video, this was spurred on by the premature failure of LED floodlights, something which plagued the industry as halogens were being phased out. Features use of the Sinclair DM1 multimeter which I've had for over thirty years. The worklight I resurrected in this video was used for a time to illuminate the workbench before another failure struck it.


Potting gel playtime

Published:   08/07/16
Runtime:   09:29
Category:   Toys, tours, teardowns, reviews, repairs n' mods
Technical content:   Review
Fun facts:   Gosh, I had short hair in those days. This gel stuff was fairly new to market back then, or at least in my world where I hadn't had cause to use it much before. To be honest, I haven't used it much since either. It's very pricey and, as I later discovered, tends to shrink over time as the cold gets to it. There also aren't many applications that really require it - a decent IP box with drain holes and glands mounted off the floor should suffice. Still, this was the first 'workbench' style video and was recorded ad-hoc using an iPad.


Ryobi Drill Of Dodgyness

Published:   04/07/16
Runtime:   01:38
Category:   N/A
Technical content:   N/A
Fun facts:   Video number one, and I'm really not sure why I put it on YouTube and ended up setting off all of the above. I recall being on a customer site in Kenilworth using this thing for the first time and being pretty appalled that it burned out on job #1! YouTube just hadn't been in my life until this point, so I think I just figured it would be fun to record it on my iPad, upload it and see what happened.