A query came in from John asking if I'd replace his duff EV chargepoint for a Tesla model. The short answer is no. The longer answer is "fuck no" and is explained in more detail below.

A few years ago, ownership of a Tesla automobile was something I myself aspired to. While in the market for an EV back in 2017, I was tempted to wait until the newly announced Model 3 hit the highways before eventually deciding to plump for a Nissan Leaf which I saw as a short-term interim solution for being the boi about town until the Model 3 was available and established.

Since then, Tesla have turned into the Marmite of tech firms thanks to head gobshite Elon Musk having such polarising opinions, along with his buying (and ruining) of popular platform Twitter, and the fact Tesla want to hand this asshole 56 billion dollars - an obscene sum no one single human should ever have in their back pocket without wholly noble ideas of doing something immediately worthwhile and world changing with it. Indeed, I'm sure the shareholders shudder whenever Space Karen opens his fat gob to spout new nonsense into the ether. Visionary? Well, maybe. He made his millions creating PayPal, itself a clagnut on the dirty arse of the banking world, and while one cannot argue that Tesla have pushed the worthy pursuit of EV ownership, it's so associated with its wanky hair transplant lead shareholder and all the bumfluff he vomits, more and more potential punters are actively shunning the brand, be it for their vehicles or battery storage solutions.

Installers are backing away too in some cases. Thankfully, I'm not in the renewables market anymore, but even if I were walloping EV chargers and battery storage onto customer's houses, I wouldn't want to touch Tesla, therefore queries like the following from John have to be whack-a-moled as and when they pop up...