If you have received an invoice from David Savery Electrical Services Ltd. then a 'Rate' will be shown for the manpower portion of the work, i.e. the 'service' separate to any supplied goods or materials. This is broken down as follows:

Rate     Charge
  Meaning   Covers
1     £70   Advertised rate, initial hour, single installer   Initial hour/part hour on site timed from arrival
2     £55   Advertised rate, subsequent hours, single installer   Subsequent hours/part hours on site
3     £99   Advertised rate, initial hour (two installers)*   Initial hour/part hour on site for a two-man visit
4     £85   Advertised rate, subsequent hours (two installers)*   Subsequent hours/part hours on site for a two-man visit
5     £90   Escalated rate, all hours/part hours   Escalated response provided by one or more person, charged per person
6     £115   Emergency response, all hours/part hours   Emergency response provided by one or more person, charged per person
7   £32 Hourly rate per man hour for ongoing large projects (may vary)   The rate applied to major projects such as rewires after the initial hour
8   £TBA Day rate per man for larger projects (may vary)   A day rate may sometimes be negotiated before work commences on multi-day jobs such as a commercial rewire
9     £35   Minimum charge (see below)   Minimum charge that can be applied to any call-out requiring the use of tools and/or specialist knowledge to fault find and/or resolve/advise on a perceived issue
10     £35   Partner firm subsequent hour rate per man   A discounted rate which may be applied to small works for our partner firms (other trades who regularly book our services)


Advertised rates can be found on the Pricing page here. There is no reclaimable VAT on invoices issued from 1st October 2023 as I kicked HMRC out of it.

*The two-installer rates are a throwback to the days when my old mukker Nigel worked with me. He left in August 2023. These rates may apply if I buddy up with a third-party (for example a subcontractor) to undertake your work. Occasionally, I have people with me on work experience, however their time is not charged for.

Where bookings have not been made directly but are through third parties such as agencies, other trades, directory services or management firms, the rates charged may be higher to reflect the fees levied by such bodies. Billing and fees may be handled by these third parties and be outside of my control. Prices listed here are only applicable if I am directly appointed to perform work.

Rate 9, the minimum charge, may be levied at my discretion and may apply to any short-order call-outs where the use of tools or specialist knowledge is not required to quickly diagnose a fault or to resolve a simple issue. Viewing or quoting for a job will not be charged for unless you are requesting specific design work, however any specialist fault finding, even when undertaken with the aim of being able to produce a free quotation for remedial work, will be charged for.

Fault finding is chargeable even if the fault is not rectified. The billing is for my time and expertise to investigate a perceived issue.

Travel time within the CV postcode is not charged for as part of the hourly costs. A day rate, where agreed, may incude travel time. Work booked outside of the CV postcode area would be subject to travel time charges based on actual mileage.

If you have received an invoice and are still unclear about the rates as charged or if you disagree with the number of hours or number of operatives as listed, then just let me know and we'll soon sort it out.

Prices are subject to change without notice as determined by the market, but work that has been booked in before any price change will be undertaken at either the previous price or the new price, whichever ensures the best value for money for you. Invoices and estimates already issued remain set at the rate that was in force on the date of issue for thirty days.

Where invoicing has been deemed to be unfairly disputed, such as the two examples given in this blog post, I reserve the right to waive any warranty and never visit again.