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Choosing a reputable electrical contractor


When hiring an electrician, always look for accreditation with the likes of NICEIC. These good folk ensure people like me are qualified, insured, assessed, inspected and comply with their procedures. Avoid those 'trusted trader' style web directories which offer no protection should things so sour, only affiliation with a proper trade association offers real protection. For more information on NICEIC or to check if someone claiming to be a member really is such, you can visit their website at www.niceic.com

Registered Competent Person  

All reputable sparks will be affiliated with an association such as NICEIC. Before hiring someone to perform electrical work, ensure they appear on the Registered Competent Person (Electrical) register to find out which organisation your preferred electrician is affiliated with. From July 2014, this all encompassing register took over from the likes of Electricsafe of which membership was voluntary. If your chosen sparkie doesn't show up on this site then they may not be qualified, competent or insured to be working on your installation. For more information or to perform a look-up of an electrician, visit:


If a company claims to be a member of NICEIC, don't blindly take their word for it; look them up as described above. Those who have been caught out but continue to claim membership on their promotional materials can be found among the rogues listed here:
NICEIC Wall of Shame!


ECA logo  

The Electrical Contractors' Association is an organisation that professional electricians may choose to join as they offer additional protection and warranty support for commercial electrical work. I used to be a member, but pulled the plug at the end of 2021. If your chosen contractor is displaying this logo, always verify their membership by visiting:



Electrical & environmental safety


The Electrical Safety First charity (formerly the Electrical Safety Council) offer common sense advice and information including product recalls. They're well worth a visit at:


PlugSafe is a volunteer organisation working with other bodies to fight the threats to the safety of the humble BS1363 UK plug & socket due to abuses and illegal counterfeits. Take a peek at what you should look out for before buying on the likes of eBay and AliExpress:


A non-exhaustive list of the different types of electrical wiring one may come across domestically in the UK and what to watch out for with the older stuff. This might give an indication of the kind of wiring in your home, but if you're concerned about the type, condition or suitability of your electrical installation, then contact me for further investigation and advice:


When tackling any project that involves disturbance to the fabric of the building, you ought to be aware of the dangers of asbestos, particularly on older installations. In the UK, only homes built after year 2000 can be considered as asbestos free with older properties potentially containing the stuff in walls, ceilings, decorative finishes, downpipes, chimneys, panels and goodness knows where else. Links to organisations offering information and support include, but aren't limited to, NHS ChoicesCancer Research UK and the HSE


Local services


Consumer advice from Warwickshire County Council with links to information on Trading Standards and the latest rogue trader scams known to be operating in :this area:


Usually running the first Saturday of every month at the Sydni Centre, Cottage Square, Sydenham, is the Repair Cafe where you can take anything that's broken for attempted repair by one of our volunteers. While a repair cannot be guaranteed, we do have a good success rate and in December 2022 we hit our thousanth repair since starting in the summer of 2018. It's open from 11:00 to 14:00, repairs are free (donations are welcomed if you're satisfied), and coffee is available!


Suppliers, regulators & government boffins


National Grid, known until late 2022 as Western Power Distribution, are responsible for the electrical distribution here in Warwickshire. If you suspect a powercut, they have a postcode checker and live powercut map at:


The UK energy regulator:


Not sure who your energy provider is? Maybe you've bought or inherited a property, or perhaps an absent partner or spouse dealt with the utilities and they're no longer around? Whatever the reason, if you want to find who supplies the energy to a particular premises, National Grid have a look-up you can use:


Other sources of information/resources for fellow electricians


Nothing says low, low production values and nowt of interest than my own YouTube channel, although it's still arguably better than anything on daytime ITV. Products I review or discuss on this channel may have been provided to me, and as an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases made via affiliate links in the video descriptions. My video content can also be found duplicated advert free on the LBRY video service.


For those after something more interesting and professional, John Ward's YouTube channel provides some excellent advice, reviews and teardowns relating to electrical installations and appliances. John also has a comprehensive website at Flameport.com


e5, GSH, eFixx and SparkyNinja are a fine collection of worthy fellows with weeks worth of technical content between them relevant to new starters or old hands.


Electronics boffins of note are Joe Robinson, Big Clive, Scott the Defpom and Steve at SDG. These guys have the knowledge I wish I posessed.


The website of Electrical Times magazine. I have written some product reviews for them which were published in the February 2017 edition (Nightsearcher worklights), May 2017 edition (Boddingtons VDE tools), September 2017 (Varilight dimmers) and October 2017 (CK Stubby VDE screwdrivers).


James D. Hooker's LampTech page contains information on the history of lamp technologies and their innovators. If, like me, you get a spring in your thing over the humble electric light bulb, then this is the place to point your pointer.


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