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Sigh. Here we go again with a condition report that couldn’t be less fit-for-purpose had someone simply wiped their arse across it. Plastic CU a C2? Really? Is that still happening? Lawks-a-lawdy! Lack of a surge protector also a C2? Well shit, that’s a new one on me. Okay then, let’s pull all the stupid out of this one...

In 2018, seven-year-old Harvey Tyrell was electrocuted in a pub garden. In this article, I'll be speculating on what went wrong and how the electrician who installed the circuit was found by a jury to be not guilty of manslaughter by gross negligence.

From July 2020, it will become mandatory for landlords in England to have their rented electrical installations assessed for new tenancies, and from April 2021 for existing tenancies. Well, that sounds marvellous doesn’t it? What self-respecting landlord doesn't already ensure the safety of their tenants and of course their own property investment from the dangers of electrical shock or fire? After all, nobody wants an electrocuted rent-paying revenue source or a burned-out building, right?

The trouble with throwing stones on social media is that one day you might just want to play inside the greenhouse yourself… and your past may come back to bite you hard on the arse.

Every now and again I'm required to put on my thinking (bobble) hat in order to achieve the functionality a client wants. Such was the case here where automatic LED lighting was required on a stairwell necessitating the design of a simple custom controller.